I want to go faster.

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By j0neg0ne
Hi all!
This is my new (2nd hand) Razor E300 :D
As all of you i plan also some mods for it, but i'd like to ask for your advice.
I will upgrade it step by step, so the order and the parts are very important to me.
Here it is the list:
1. Variable speed throttle and controller;
2. More powerful motor (torque and max speed, but torque is with priority);
3. Li-Po batteries;
4. Front fork with suspension.
Please give some suggestions for the parts.
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By zen_racer
you didnt mention specific goals or budget for your upgrades, so i'll say veggysaurus' E300 build with the hub motor is a great choice for that scooter:


that'll provide plenty of torque and give you a little bit more room to fit lipos in the deck. front fork with suspension, that's going to be tough...

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