I want to go faster.

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By knappyfeet
Hello. New here but was wondering if anyone can help. I have a 3 wheeled mobility scooter that was given to me by my father. it is around 5 years old. It is clean and goes pretty good but would like to make it a little faster and perhaps better on minor inclines. It has 2 new 12v batteries for 24v. It has a low speed switch and a high speed switch.

If I were to add a battery or change something else would that help? It looks as if all the lights and things are 24v but not totally sure. I am not Mr. Electrical Engineer but I can do some basic things and am somewhat handy. If there is anyone that can give me some info it would be greatly appreciated. THank you all for your time.
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By gameboy
well, adding a battery would definitly help with the speed and torque, but not the distance. i am not sure what the additional voltage will do to your controller though, let alone "the lights and things". some controllers can handle the additional current and voltage, but some dont like it at all, so if you want to try it that would be up to you, or you can find a 36volt controller and run it like that, change out the "lights and things" and leave the motor 24v and you will be zipping around in no time.
Thanks for the reply. I also thought about another motor but it looks like that would be a big deal. I could do a new controller and would also need a 36v charger but how about some resistors or something for all the lights and stuff to limit to 24V. Also maybe with the extra battery I could add 1 tooth to the counter sprocket.

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