I want to go faster.

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By M4rcu5 GT96
I have been after something like this for a while now but I have a brother and sister that are both nearly 9 years old and they have tonnes of outdoor gadgets. My sister has a Razor E100 (Pink) Electric Scooter + one of those 3 wheels scooter things (I think they are called a Flicker) where you shake your kips side to side to with and my brother has an Urban X Billy Cart 24v Go Kart (it's extremely slow, lol) plus a few bikes in the garage.

Every night after schools finished I am usually put out on watch patrol to check that they are keeping safe (as the streets are dark on winter nights) as I am 17 years old and can take enough responsibility to make sure they're safe. From time to time (not very often) they let me have a 5 minute go on thier vehicles and they do pretty good to haul my 140lbs wieght arround to be honest (I must be getting at least 9/10mph, so wow). The only problem is, instead of just standing thier watching them feeling like I am missing out on so much fun of driving these pleasurable vehicles, I would love to join in with thier driving games at the same time (IM 17 I KNOW, but honestly I don't care, it's still fun!). So I am looking at either taking one of the three razor vehicles, Ground Force (£99.99), Ground Force Drifter (£149.99) or Dune Buggy (£199.99) and modding it up to 36v (still using the stock controller, etc.) as i've seen adults go quite fast on these and look comfy on the stock 24v ones on youtube (and don't forget about me driving the E100, lol).

Now I am trying to think which will be the best out of these. I have heard the drifter sucks (acording to US Amazon reviews) as the tires wear down fast and on youtube I think the tires are a little noisy and it won't handle well with 36v, I may be wrong here, I don't know. Firstly, I was looking at the Ground Force (silver one, not drifter) modded to 36v and it can reach speeds of 20mph+. After that, I came accross the Dune Buggy and it is about 4mph slower (modded on 36v that is) and reaches 16mph but i've seen video's of it racing and doing burnouts in deep snow and driving on dirt tracks, so that looks good (I don't know about up hill performance) but it is a little shorter, so I may have trouble getting in here.

So far, I have seen these threads which have shed some light.



So overall, I am mainly looking at either the Ground Force or Dune Buggy and can anybody please tell me which one will be the best for my purposes.

The drifter sucks!! I had to change to 10 inch inflatable tires..the ground force is awesome..but for any rough terrian the dune buggy is your best bet..even overvolted that still only equals about 13.5 mph..the ground force would do 18 plus..so speed versus smooth ride, up to you.
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By gameboy
robnewyork wrote:Oh and after adding tall tires the drifter is really easy to flip because of wild steering geometry...i know, i did it

ouch!!! you OK?
Yea..the extra power and higher riding position is wild when navigating curbs and such..theres still no suspension which i need to keep in mind..its such a smooth quiet ride but honestly i wish i had done the mods to the ground force not the drifter.basically i flipped goin about 10.. i rolled with the kart and immediately checked to see my top 2 9ah baterries were still there..they were but my dritfer throttle had exploded and it was so dark i couldnt find the spring...so i rebuilt my spare today so i have both throttles again..machined a mounting bar for them this afternoon, hoping it makes them less likely to pop open.. i was fine..girlfriend on her pocket mod was shocked how fast i was off the line compared to her even with her being 70 lbs lighter
Well basically for me, I think the ground force sounds good. I have a big long housing estate (about 1 mile and 4 culdesacs) and thier is also a big playing field next to me too (most of it is flat, but each end has a pretty steap bank). I like about half way down the estate but at the top where you enter, thier is a pretty steap hill (about 20-30 degree's) and I did a good run upto it on a Stock 24v Razor E100 and got about half way up and then the circuit-braker reset triggered, so I had to press the reset button five minutes later.

Anyway, overall I think the Ground Force sounds more fun (especially at 4mph plus and 18 plus mph at my wieght on an 8-year olds toy is pretty darn impressive). It's not important to me to get up the hill but will 36v do it anyway?

I am mainly looking at just adding an extra 12v battery and keeping everything else (e.g. motor, controller, etc.) the same like other people have done here. I have heard with not having a low-voltage-cutoff isn't anything to worry about except if you start going slower on the same surface, stop riding and charge the battery. is that correct?
Look on craigslist.
I got mine for 50 bux and my drifter for 100..and pocket mod for 75..i think u know your options clearly now..drifter is the worst, ground force is rough ride, dune buggy is slowest
I am possibly leaning towards the Ground Force I suppose and I heard people saying atleast 48v is reccomended for someone of my age, size and wieght. Do you think it will be anygood for my 145lbs wieght on standard 24v for a while until I find out what type of controller, batteries and motor I will need for maybe a 48v conversion?
oh, so I do suppose I would be fine, as I said I rode a Razor E100 and i'm sure it got to 10mph but if you remember me saying, it didn't make it up the steep hill but it ain't a too bigger issue.

If I get a Ground Force and sometime later get round to a 48v upgrade, I've think I understand that a 36v Motor, 48v Controller, 48v Charger and 4x 12v 12ah batteries will do the job, am I correct?
Yep.and dont forget the charger needs to be 48v.. that would give you 1.33 times stock rpm of the motor..so if the 36v motor is rated 2700 you would have 4050 rpm with torque depending on the motor you choose..id go straight to a 1000 watt personally and as some videos here show, it should be a rocket ship..oh yea, use a 50 amp 48 v controller , that will cover the 1000watts amperge.
I found a 48v 750W Controller (eBike) and 36v 500W Motor. Will these two running on 48v battery power be any good for what I want? that's all I can really find as I don't live in the US (I live in the UK).
On another note the gear ratio could be changed to whatever torque you desire as i did with my drifter..i changed the rear gear from 32 tooth to 76 more than doubling my torque..but then you lose top speed..theres a top speed calculator on modified pocket bikes i think, and it proves accurate time and time again..all food for thought
I came across a website which could actually ship out a wide range of scooter parts outside of the US and it looks perfect for any mod project on any scooter/bike/gokart (its called tncscooters.com). I also found a youtube video as an example.

He's using a 36v 750W Motor and 48v 1000W Controller. It looks pretty fast, and looks like the perfect setup for this kind of project. On tnc, I found a 36v 750W Motor (with mounting bracket) and a 48v 1000W Controller that is made for a Dirtrocket MX500/650 and they use the same connectors. Do you think that this is the ideal setup for a 48V Ground Force?
Do the 1000 watt motor 36 volt with bracket comnined with 48 v controller.. why stop at 750 ? Be aure to get a 25 sprocket for the motor for easy plug and play on ground force..the motor comes with t8 sprocket..just get specs and order a sprocket that u feel will have the gearing set to ur desired top speed/ torque balance..i just got a massive 24 volt 936 watt motor today im gonna run at 48 v...should be insane on my ground force im almost scared..
Anyway go 36v 1000 watt pushed 1.333 overvolt and your kart should fly!!# ive learned fast do it right the first time, a guy on here did 60 volt on 36 v 1000 motor and it launched his 220 lb but like he was a feather but now the video is private.make sure ur 48 controller has lvc at about 42 volts or 41 minimum and watch charge times..
This is all starting to get a little confusing for me here. I don't fancy spening a great deal and just wanted to do a simple and easy upgrade (kids aged 8-11 will also be driving this, so it doesn't want to fly too fast). I was first looking into adding another 12v 7ah battery to give it a higher top speed (and maybe more torque). If you wanting to just do that, Should I get 3 12v 10/12ah batteries and a 36v charger? ...and how would I monitor the voltage and when to stop riding it to recharge without an lvc?
By thehairs
You could do one of at least three things.
1. They have small digital volt meters that will go up to 99.9 volts that could be mounted on the handle bar.
2. They also have new 36 volt throttles that have a voltage indicator included.
3. A new 36 volt controller will cut off before the batteries go too low.

The little digital volt meter would be the cheapest, but hardest to do as you whoul have to do your own mounting. I also started out in this cheap hobby. Cheap is only if you can be satisfied at some point. I now have a half dozen scooters, just got a couple 1000 watt motors, 5 or 6 extra controllers and battery poor.

David Hair
ok, no torque so I will atleast gain some power, so therefor more top speed! Talking about voltmeters, I came across this one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Digital-Voltm ... 4024263%26

So how do these work? connect the negative to the positive on battery 3 and the positive to the negative on battery 1?

https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=2 ... k5niYsSTUo

Also, which betteries will be ideal? Adding another 12v 7ah or 3 12v 10ah or 12ah?
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By thehairs
As far as the meter goes you are correct. Most will also need a 9 Volt battery to power the meter. As far as the size of batteries goes, the higher the AH rating the longer you can ride before you need to recharge.

9 Volt battery? The meter only has two connection wires (positive and negative) which connect to the battery? This must only be for some meters, maybe? Even though I don't yet own the kart and haven't done any mods yet, which is the safest voltage to go to before you stop riding? (e.g. 34.5, 33, 31.5 etc.)
By thehairs
The meter I bought has to have an independent power source for the meter. I looked at the one you linked and it seems to power off the battery source. Mine cost $6.00 with free shipping. It is just a cheaper meter than one you are looking at. As far as cart's go I have no Idea. I'm into the 12 1/2" wheeled scooters and more into torque than speed. My pimp mobile will be a scooter with a 17" front moped wheel with disc brakes and a fat 14" in the rear and I'm looking for a torque converter to give me a better low in pulling power.

Thanks. For a 36v setup, I will require a 36v charger (according to about 3 threads I read here, it is important). I came across this charger http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/36-Volt-1-5A- ... 4150788987, it is a 1.5A 36v Inline charger and it is completely automatic, do you think this will be ideal for charging a 10/12ah battery? (I calculated it as 8 hour charge time).
By thehairs
That sounds about right for a 1.5 AH charger. Don't leave it on charge much longer. Over charging will kill a battery about as fast as running them into the ground.

The charger does say that it's fully automatic, but I do suppose 8 hours is the safe time. But there is one question that i'd wish to ask you guys.

Is it worth going to the expense (about £60) of buying 3 10ah or 12ah batteries or will an extra 7.2ah battery do just fine for a 36v setup?
I found 9ah Batteries for 20.09gbp on amazon. They all have 5/5 reviews too and are sealed ones (sla's). Hopefully they should give me more running time then. I will soon need to order the go kart and parts to find out how much fun it is!
Okay, thanks allot for all of your help "robnewyork" and "thehairs". I have come up with an idea for now until I gather all of the parts for an upgrade, order the Go Kart as stock and let everybody ride it that way until I come up with an ideal solution for a better upgrade. I have heard people saying that it goes more like 15mph and feels faster coz ur low to the ground, anyway 12mph is pretty fast and will possibly provide a suitable amount of fun for everyone.

Also, the specifications of the Ground Force are outstanding and have the equivalent power to an E300 scooter. The E100 has a 100W motor, the E200 has a 200W motor, the E300 has a 350w motor the same as this. For now, even stock will possibly be fun!
I think the drifter and ground force have 250watt motors...hey why not order a spare motor and add it to that controller..should gain decent torque and the whole mod costs 39 bucks..plus a master link or 2(-;
I have never tried both motors on one controller.. i know the controller has the amperage though and others have done it.not to mention the stock controller is rated at 500 watts (-;
The simplest cheapest mod is most likely the second motor, spare chain and master links totalling about 46 bux..then later if you wanted to get a 36 v controller rated for 1000 watts, run 3 new batteries and the 2 motors off that..that would be the rough equivalent of running 750 watts ..you would have the torque of the 2 motors and do about 18 mph!
Ohhh.. yea..one guy did this..i dont remmeber but it was one of the kart builds..there would be a slight gain
In torque id suspect..i think the guy dmack tried it..i dont see why it wouldnt be an improvement when adding another 250 watt is known to be..id go for it and please share results as id like to go 500 watt on my girlfriends pocket mod
okay, thanks but now there is a debate with the family if the Go-Kart is legal on the street, etc. so I haven't even ordered the kart yet. What do you think? my street is the only place I can use it!
I drive mine all over queens ny, more populated than 99 percent of the country with no issues..its a toy and i feel the cops will see that by its size..add a gas engine and surely a different tale..is a power wheels legal on the streets, whats the difference ?
okay, thanks allot for all of your help. I think they decided that it isn't a good idea and it will possibly turn into a disaster. Shame, i know, but I have also got the 24v Go Kart with dead batts and I may restore that.
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