I want to go faster.

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robnewyork wrote:Im doin 2 24v 250 watts on a 100 amp controller this weekend..ill let you know if it gets hot etc ..but after doin 18 on the kart im psychedto do 24-25mph.

Good. The frame is finished, just gotta make a hole for the key switch (in the plate I fabricated) then off to powdercoat. From there, most of the electronics.
I didn't post the photos of my grind work! I am MOST proud of this.

One side complete to show the difference.

Both sides all baby-butt smooth!

I decided to leave that gap because I wanted to show it off. This piece was fabricated solely by yours truly!
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Ok, I figured it out (each forum is different). To fully see the photos I post, right click, then view image.
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By Kahlis
Kahlis wrote:The batteries are 25.2v, 8ah lipos (6S); wired in series for 50.4v, 8ah. I'll use lipo monitors to ensure the batteries aren't discharged below their safety voltage. At 8ah, the run-time won't be much less than the factory 9ah batteries, but with triple the punch!!!
Actuallly the run time should be far greater as the lipos have a wider operational window...at 50v sla batterys would need to be on the charger as low as 44.5 volts..im sure the lipo window is wyyy larger..
WOW, ANOTHER LIPO USER! Awesome lol, I was busy when you started this, and I just got around to seeing it. I have also been using lipo batteries since they came out, we actually used the expensive as hel* lithium manganese when they hit the market first, and it was night and day difference, and I never went back. I have an electric bike that I have slas on just because they were $120 and I wasn't concerned with looks or weight at the time, I put 2 35ah slas on that as a 24v system, but it's extremely bulky, heavy as crap, and ugly, but it was more or less my first electric project, and it was easy. Now I will never use another sla if I can help it, lipos are just so much more practical as soon as you get the general understanding of them, they are insanely light, and they really work out cheaper in the long run for them than sla batteries. I am kinda disappointed that you didn't go brushless lol since I am having to go at it by myself, I would have loved to have someone show me the first thing not to do, so that I could bypass that step and go on to the second thing not to do lol, I will keep watching this thread, and I will try to be as active as possible here, your project looks sweet, and you are going for super clean with powdercoating, I look forward to seeing you put it together -

Sorry for the lack of responses,... Sorta in a "off" moment. Not really working on much ATM. Probably because I was working on four projects at once - this project, a PW for my oldest and two RCs (1/8 scale and 1/16). Guess I got burnt out.

I'm so lazy right now, that was a copy and paste of a PM to robnewyork. Haha!
Been away for quite a long time. Guess I'll close this tread by posting the final results of my project.

In short, I managed to get nearly 30 mph out of it. I ran it past a speed camera on the base I'm assigned to. Unfortunately, the last time I ran it something shorted out and I never got it running again. My main focus was modding the kids' eQuad. That post too will be updated shortly. I think I was more pleased w/ the quad - the torque is incredible. The next plan for that is to extend the swing arms,... but that's for another post.

So here is the stretched PR200.

Dual 6S lipos test fit. Also showing a Razor 36V controller.
IMAG1249.jpg (317.81 KiB) Viewed 1541 times
Custom hanger I made I get a good coat of paint all around. Been about a year since I did this, but I believe I applied about 3 coats of primer, 5 coats of metallic orange and at least 5 coats of clear.
IMAG0614.jpg (254.56 KiB) Viewed 1541 times
Finished product.
12S powered mini-bike.jpg
12S powered mini-bike.jpg (126.4 KiB) Viewed 1541 times
Side by side comparison to a factory PR200.
IMAG0664.jpg (397.77 KiB) Viewed 1541 times
I purchased a dual Lipo speed monitor. Super cool because it actually reflected as a 'gas gauge', showing how much power was still left in the batteries. Since they were both 8000mah (wired in series they remained 8000), me, my brother, neighbor and step son all drove this thing hard for at least an hour before it got to near half power.
50v baby!.jpg
50v baby!.jpg (53.49 KiB) Viewed 1541 times
Certainly was a super fun project. Let me know if anyone is interested in doing something similar!
Dual motors wasn't in my build. 30mph off of one powered by 50v is more than enough. For this build,.. that is,... ;)
my bad, see now it was the 36v 350w. 30mph+ is impressive out of a MY1016... did that motor get hot at 50v?

i've got some zippy 8000mAh and turnigy 5000mAh hardcase packs that i've used in the PR200, the stock 24v 250w motors get pretty warm after 10-15min when run at 36v. that's with the stock gearing though, 11/55t
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