I want to go faster.

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Hi guys, I am new to the forum and have some questions on this topic!

I have an ezip 750, and am not happy with the speed. I took a 12 volt 7ah battery and squished the wires between the place where the battery pack connects to the scooter. I am now running 3 12 volt batteries. Im not getting more speed, just more range, how do i use this setup to get more speed? :mrgreen:
You should really stick with not only the same amp hour rating but similar age/condition as well. Most of the time we try to buy a set "new" but even that does not guarantee the same amount of life left. Better than just randomly adding though.
Ok, I tried adding the 7ah in series before meanunclebob's response, and the speed controller wouldn't take it, the scooter went about 3 mph. So I guess ill have to get a new 12volt 12ah battery and a new 36 volt speed controller. Do i have to get a 750 watt speed controller cuz my motor is 750 watts, or does it not matter as longs its 36 volts. also, do you think my motor and throttle will handle the 12 volt upgrade?
I have an ezip 750 running 48v on the stock motor. Haven't clocked the speed yet, but my ezip 500 was doing 33mph with the same setup and a 90 tooth rear sprocket.

The 750 has a much smaller rear sprocket and it feels it does close to 40 mph or over in a straight, with slight less climbing ability. Will clock the speed soon (finished it yesterday)

I had to replace the controller for a cheap chinese controller out of eBay, only 20 bucks shipped and works great. Controller is rated 30 amp 48 v.

The stock controller in my old 500 can take up to 43 volts before it goes into protection. So I run it dead stock at 36v (41v fully charged) using 3 sla batteries in series. It did something close to 25 mph. Newer controllers had something to prevent this. I still have the controller is someone wants it to run 36v.

In the 750 I was able to fit 8 packs of Turnigy 6s 5ah lipo packs, so it has a 48v 20ah battery pack that fits in the stock compartment. It
Should have a range of over 30 miles ( the 500 did 15 miles with half the battery same controller, and doesn't have a free wheel in the rear wheel, my 750 does).

I will use it for commuting to work in Boston, it works great, faster than a car for sure in traffic.

The motors in the ezip 500 and 750 are exactly the same, both rated 24v 28amp 2600 rpm at 24v.

Hope that helps

I've run my ezip e-750 at 48v using 12s lipo for two months. It run about 6-8 miles everyday for 2 months before the motor died, still spins but with little power have to open it up maybe there's a bad brush or solder joint.

It did 33 mph consistently with very good uphill power and I weight 180 (gps tracked). It did go even faster with a 55 tooth sprocket (I run a 85 I think). I didn't even drill holes in the motor for cooling, that would have helped a lot and it would be still running.

These motors, XYD-12B , if you go to the Chinese manufacturer website they sell them as either 24-36-48v. But they don't tell you what's the efficiency at each voltage.

I was running the motor with a 20 dollar 48v 30amp controller of eBay that does a great job.

I just bought an XYD-14A, rated 36V 32 amp (but Chinese website shows it can still run reliably at 48v 40amp) to replace it by haven't installed it yet. I also sourced an entire ezip e-1000 without batteries for $100 I'll be picking up tomorrow so I'll see what I end up putting together. I like the rear suspension and disc brakes on the e-1000 but I like the discrete compact size of the 750. I ride it standing without the seat and people freak when they see me doing 33mph in the streets of Boston. A guy in the street offered me $1200 cash for the modded 750 but I wasn't sure I could find another one to mod as they are not made anymore so I kept it.

The e-1000 has that direct gear that kind of sucks, it's going to be still slow at 48v, and maybe too low efficiency at 72v to reach 30+ mph. The ideal would be to run the e-1000 at 48v and mod the drive on a chain drive, might attempt this (already modded the 750 so it has a chain drive with freewheel).

Or just run the 750 with the new motor same as the one on the e-1000 (xyd-14).

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