I want to go faster.

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you wont be able to find them
there specaly made for emax and so is the speedcontroler.
I brought mine (scooter) without the battery for £3000 then spent anouther £2000 on a headway battery pack 120ah 48v instead of the standard 60ah 48v lead acid so thats £5000.00 in total ($8052.00)
The one thing I have noticed there new modle only uses a 4000w motor :cry:
probily a cost saving effort.

But when mine is at the end of its life i might consider getting anouther

here is there web site if you fanci a look
mine is the same as this but with the older 5000w hub and a upgraded battery pack and flashed ecu
your forgetting about "golden motor" brushless controlers they have a good range from 50-500amp
and i think there better value than the crystalball's

you can get a 96v 240amp brushless for $500 but thats a bit big
but this one is only $95 + p&p
(ok the voltage is a bit low but you might find something on there site link posted below)
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im gonna do batteries first, they are 60 shipped and it will take a week to mount em, cut the deck , fix the steering etc.. after that will be golden , ill email em to max out all settings.. i hope u know where all the phase wires go bc i sure as f--k dont
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