I want to go faster.

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I would like to add battery to my 48v scooter. Can i just wire in another 12v battery? or is there a special way this needs to be installed? if i add another battery to increase to 60v will i need a new controller?

Any tips would be great

Why? If you are wanting to go faster you should know that it will not be a significant increase. It will have no useful change in the torque.

If your scooter motor is running at the default/standard speed at 48V then adding a battery will only increase that by about twenty-five percent. Overvolting is a kind of diminishing returns thing as the default/designed voltage goes up. Best results are with a motor that runs at a lower voltage normally. Well, until the motor burns out.
Well i have tried adding another battery with no luck. nothing happens. so it looks like i may need a new controller to get this bike to run at 60v. the motor is SWX228 and its rated for 60v 500w. anyone have some cheap working parts for sale. im in BC Canada..
switch the hub motor to 36 volts brushed, this will increase top speed 1.33 times, without changing anything else.. weird the motor is rated 60v run on 48 v system, highly uncommon,... change the hub motor to 24v and ur going double top speed, no torque gain with either option but crazy insane top speed.
35km/h on full charge. im 130lbs. my commute is about 40min one way wouldnt mind if i can get around 50km/h+ out of this bike.. i dont mind getting new parts that will help me do this. just looking for some guidance on best way to go about getting more speed.
If the stock motor is 48volts , the easiest way is to get a duplocate rear hub thats 36v ...that will increase top speed by 1.33 ..or 35kph times 1.33...otherwise u will need to upgrade the controller and batteries to 60v for a factor gain of only 1.25 times factory top speed...as far as range , u will need 20 ah batteries ...minimum id say , especially while goin that fast.4 20ah batteries are still cheap compared to lipo.
Then u will need a 36 v brusless hub motor of identical size...being that this forum isnt heavily involved with brushless u may want to see further advise at endless sphere forums.the batery upgrade wont vary but the motor wiring and voltage jeeded may be.
Well i am a noob at moding these and feel like it.. i tried again last night to overvolt my bike to 60v. success bike is now running 60v. note to others tring to overvolt.ake sure your boost battery is charged... so thanks to those who have helped out.
you need 5 BIGGER BATTERIES for range , not smaller, ur range will go down at 60 volts and the one smaller batteriy will get killed after 3 rides, u need equal battery size, and 5 huge ones for sustained travel at 45 km 30 mph..................find a place for them , het a locking trunch for battery pack , figure it out, its a necessary evil
I got 62km on full charge running at 60volts top speed is 43-45km/h. the boost battery i am using a full size deep cycle its more than capable of out lasting my sla's.

i meant smaller than my full size deep cycle for my boost battery and final install..
Its not a car battery. Its deep cycle. somewere around 100ah. overvolt = boost. but its no longer a plan. its all wired up and have been driving all over the place. i have used swithes to switch from 48-60v so i can still charge. ill let you know if i encouter any troubles from my setup
I was thinking about tring 72v but was worried about the controller. was thinking that it would just fry it.

ya charge time does kinda suck. takes 8 hours to charge the sla batteries from flat.. Im in BC canada batteries are pretty cheap.
Well let me know the cost of a replacement controller then ill guess.based on it handling 65 volts or so already the odds of it handling hot off the charger 78 volts are probably 60-40... 40 percent chance it frys , 60 percent chance ur doin 55 kph lol.
Well i got all batteries fully chaged and speed flutters between 52-56km/h..
They claim the motor can do 60km/k @ 90v. so i was thinking to over voltthat some.. Why would this slow me back down. i was curious as to how much amps its drawing so i connected my amp meter. seems like im only getting about 7A(WOT) so im thimking about opening the controller this weekend and try do the shunt mod.
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