I want to go faster.

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Aidenim getting those speed and more on my scooter before i blew up the controller. should get the new 84v controller later this week. hoping that it will handle closer to 100v. just have to hope my motor will handle it. they sold it as 48v but manufactuer says 48 - 60v and was fine at 84v till i charged and then pooof the controller goes. once scooter is back on the road i plan to start some mods on my mountain bike.
ok guys im tring to install my new controller but having some troubles. is there a way to test the wires on my scooter to find the throttle wires? as well as the phase wires? or do i have to pull body off to do some wire tracing? any help would be great..
Your throttle wires should be a set of three thin wires, red, black and green or blue.

Your power will be thick red and black, the motor could be red and black or blue and black. Look on your motor to see what color the wires are and then try tracing the wires to the controller. Battery should be simple.

When will you post some pics?


This is the controller, but the wires im having trouble determining are the ones on the bike... some matched and have the same connectors are well as gage.. bike lights up but no throttle.

Ill still have to take a better photo of the wires that are still remaining on the scooter.. i tried a couple combos that looked like they may work but no luck..

The yellow and the purple were not connected..
For those wires that you are pointing out as phase wires. i had 3 matching wires on the new controller but much larger gagewires. i was thinking they connected to those. but there is still a connector marked phase wires.
that doesent make sence !!
the green yellow and blue are
just wire up what you know is right
sometimes colours wont match

plan of action

forget about the original scooter wireing

first find the motor wire
the motor wire should contain 3 phaze wires and 5 hall sensor wires
the colours should hopefully match up to the new controler.
conect these

then find the throttle wires (probily red black and white)
and conect

then battery conections
and conect

then finaly the power swich
and conect

conect these as labled above then it should all work
ok. ill go over all the wiring tonight and take some of the body panels off to see better. i think all i was missing was the maby the throttle wires and can't seem to find them on the scooter. (need to trace back from throttle).

motor wires are located as they are bundled together and clearly come from motor.
hall sensor 5 wires.
3 phaze wires.

ok got some things conntected.
hall wires
power & Neg wires

i followed some wires from throttle on handle bars and i find Black,Red/White,Green/White & Blue/White, but i don't see the Blue/White up at the throttle..

i though this would be easy there are not many wires comming from the scooter..

The Blue/White is going to display panel
conect up the red and black
then the signal wire is probily w/g or w/b (im guessing your throttle has a swich or power guage fitted)
if not then ul need a new 3 wire throttle

just try them both when the controler is on

(to find out for sure open the throttle and there is a small chip by the twisty bit that is the sensor and the wires should go to it)

(you might have to run a seperate on swich for the controler)
No switch or power gage on throttle. there are 3 wires from throttle. black,red/white& green/white. i tried matching them to the trottle wires from controller black,red,green. but nothing hapend.. ill have to do some more testing after work..
I see a few on ebay but none day they are rated for 84v. just see 12/24/36/48v throttles

Found this one. will give it a try when in arrives....
High quality WUXING 20X 24V-84V e-bike gas handle throttle

Model : 20X
Grip : T288A
Cable length : 1600 mm
Color : sliver, yellow, red
Material : ABS+PVC
Function : accelerate
Wire :
Red: +5V
White : signal
Black : ground

ok so i was working on this problem and i came across something that seems odd to me. when i test the Red & Black wires from the scooter there is only 14.23v, should i not see closer to 90v at this point powering the controller?

..Ok so that was just a bad connection... that's been changed now.

i completly removed the throttle from the handle bars and try connecting it right at the controller.. No luck

wiring of the new controller..
Ok. will try that tonight after work.

Was almost going to just give up on this controller and order Ecrazymans 84v 1500W controller. Lol.

still unsure about these other 2 wires that claim to be phaze wires.
aidanworthington wrote:throttles are only 5v and are universal the controler supplies the 5v needed (3 wire)

just conect the controler directly to the battery this way the controler wont be relying
on untested wireing
I will try this tonight after work. Think ill just start removing all the wiring as the lights and stuff need rewired anyways.

Ya so close. just strange that it's so difficult to get it going. i though a controller swap should be pretty simple and straight forward, but this is proving to be a bit more than that.
the throttle on my scooter should be a newer type. scooter was made in 2013.. hope after striping out the wiring and redoing it things will work.. really miss rinding this beast.. 31kph on mountain bike is getting old.. lol
you will probily have to conect the self study cable when all conected
there is some strange rewteen you have to follow to set the controler to your wheel

other than that then it could be dead
if you do reorder try to get a controler without a study mode
or a micro kelly controler
Ok i may be on to something here. was just reading though the seller description of the controller and see that there are the security wires that say they are required fir it to work. so problem is now that not to sure were or what they should be connected to.
ok so got a installation guide from the seller. in english even...lol i read this

http://www.soonwell.com/ebay_file/user_ ... wiring.txt
http://www.soonwell.com/ebay_file/user_ ... -Guide.pdf
Second,wiring steps:
1.Switch the E-door lock off by the key, connect the batteries ’“+ -” cables & E-door lock cable
with the controller. (Controller ’ s power cables refer to its labels or the cables meaning picture
on our product page)
So looks like i just have to connect the red & black wires to the battery red & black to get this to work..
leave those cables alone
the red and black power the alarm (when fitted)
and the other 3 cables are for braking swich (not needed ether)

what you need to do is conect the single red wire to the key swich which goes to the battery +

(paragraph 3 on the fitting instructions)

then use the self study cable

then things should move

(if the throttle is conected correctly lol)
Ok. tried connecting as you said and many other ways. but still no luck. when i turn the battery pack on the bike beeps like normal but then within a secound or two it makes noise like its discharging then there is no power. this controller is pretty frustrating. lol

can you recommend a controller that will work with my scooter around 75-150 bucks. wouldnt hurt to have a backup controller anyways. thanks for your help thus far..
Well look on the bright side
you now have a cool door stop

Id recomend a kelly
iv used them in the past with no issues.
(there 72v controler can handle upto 90v input :D)
http://kellycontroller.com/kbs72051x25a ... p-505.html
http://kellycontroller.com/kbs72101x40a ... p-506.html
(Bigger is allways better)

I would allso order a new 3 wire throttle
just to make sure

When fitting the kelly i suggest removing all the old wireing
so all you have left is the motor wire,power wires,throttle and the key swich.
ok cool. ill order one of them. i have already ordered a throttle a couple days ago. and as for bike wiring im not using it for now. just the motor, controller, throttle and batteries. I was looking through there install intructions and the wiring in the pictures are not even the same colors as the wires they have labeled. eg. throttle is said to be red,blue,black but on controller labeled throttle is red,green,black so makes for a confusing install..
ddupuis wrote: I was looking through there install intructions and the wiring in the pictures are not even the same colors as the wires they have labeled. eg. throttle is said to be red,blue,black but on controller labeled throttle is red,green,black so makes for a confusing install..
Thats china for you lol
aidanworthington wrote: Id recomend a kelly
iv used them in the past with no issues.
(there 72v controler can handle upto 90v input :D)
will this controller be ok if im over 90v hot off the charger?
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ok so still not going but i could be on to something..

When i strangly enough touch the blue wire the motor tries to go. well sometimes and other times it just locks up. like a magnetic brake.. and if i kinda pulse the wire with my finger it will keep going. so it's like i am manualy giving power to a phase and the others are not working. so seems like the controller may not be a dud.

I also have to have the Elock cable powered or nothing will happen.

Hope some of this info may be more helpfull

This is a small video i tried to make to show what it's doing..
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10 ... _processed
This is the one they recommend

http://kellycontroller.com/kbl9615124-9 ... -1110.html


Sent them a email to see if they come with connectors for the controller..

but going to have to save up a little as this is more than i was looking to spend.. $369.00

Just starting to get a storm here so may not be able to work on scooter tonight. hoping the weather is better tomorrow.
still having some trouble with the throttle. just seem to get on or off..

i touch the red and blue wires together on the cortoller and the motor spins, i have tried with the throttle and can't seem to get it to work.

any thoughts?
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i have not yet, but it worked before replacing controller..

and i just reliesed it's going backwards - got this figured out.

now i got it all back together and went out front to go test it out.. and it isn't working out so well.
first off i still havn't figured out the throttle just have a bush putton for now.
so i push on the button and it starts to go bun soon after it stops, and i have to turn power off and on
again and it will go.. but it don't do this when it's not under load..

but i got the batteries on charger get them charged up to make sure it's not low voltage..
ok so.

found out today if i ease into the throttle alittle at a time it goes fine. and i can hold it wide open. but if i give to much to soon it's like a breaker is triped and i turn the bike on then off.

any thoughts what may do this. i am thinking maby cause i am using the push button i have a throttle ordered just waiting on it.
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