I want to go faster.

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cool.. that's what im hoping. but either way it's much faster than my 36v mountain bike..
That i plan to upgrade next thinking a new battery and 48v controller. and then hope this motor
will handle it.

i tested scooter wheel rpm @ 620 with no load, and it's a 18" rim. not sure the formula to get some kinda
speed calculation..
i guess this scooter is comming alone well enough to start considering battery upgrade. i would like to loose some weight. all these batteries prob weigh more than i do..

Can you guys suggest some affordable solutions. im running at 84v..

how difficult is it to build a battery pack? Is it worth it..
Your only real option is to use some large rc batteries
6 or 9 of these would do well
then wire up a bms using rc conectors
http://www.hobbyking.co.uk/hobbyking/st ... ouse_.html
other than that its a headway job.
(that can get expensive real fast)
I spent nearly 3,000 on a 120ah 48v battery
(worth every penny)
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speed calculation is very easy if you know the rpm

mesure round the wheel in meters
then times it by the rpm.
This will give you the speed per min so times it by 60 and your done.
(the anser will be in meters per hour so divide it by 1000 to give you KPH)

im guessing your wheel cercumferance is 1.57m
1.57 times 620 =973
973 times 60 = 58404 meters per hour
58404 div 1000 = 58.4 kph

36.2 mph not bad
I think i would be happy at 58kph.

and i was thinking. they rate this hub motor as 48-60v.
so would that mean im only over volting after 60v?

My top speed seems to be about 43kph and its not horrible
but target of 60kph is close. do you think there is a chance ill
get any more speed from this setup. i had a 7km commute and checked
motor for heat and i can feel anything. its bearly warm.

but im guessing i am going to need a bigger controller and perhaps
new motor to see those speeds.
If its still cold you have a chance
but i wouldnt hold my breath.
It all depends on magnetic inductance which infuences the motors top frequency (speed)
at 83v youve probily found it. Your only other option for more performance
is to amp up which should improve acceleration but not top speed.

or you could just injoy what youve got!
lol.. hard to enjoy it when i am so use to my gas toys and 100mph+ i know it's not likly to see speeds like that on the scooter with batteries but im sure i can find some more speed..

my scooter with the 48v controller and 72v was getting 45kph. and now with the 84v controller and 84v battery im getting 43kph. so i think i still have something conntected wrong. also i noticed that with the self study wires connected and i touch the throttle wires it would change direction. and i could also change the rpm. the controller is said to be a 3 speed. Going to do some more testing later to make sure im getting the max rpm from this setup
A differance of 2kph is nothing
air pressure can account for that or a slight wind.
What it comes down to is how the motor is desined and the task its intended to do
a small motor like yours will be set up for low down power NOT HIGH SPEED.
Hall sensors can only handle a max frequency
and controlers no matter how big can only supply the same frequency
the only way you can get around this is to have less magnetic poles in the motor
which intern will lower the torque.

you can improve your acceleration by amping up
but your top speed wont change much
ill have to wait till i get my new throttle i guess since i can't really give it WOT at the moment so more amps may make it more difficult to ride. it already tries to wheely from a stop.. but i was thinking i would get more speed when i tested the old controller @ 84v i was getting over 60kph. then i charged up my batteries and blew up the stock controller so that's why i went with the 84v controller as a replacement. i was very happy with the speed before it blew up.

this video is from early spring my first ride of the year after the snow melted. this is running stock 48v controller @ 72v with 102lbs of SLA.. and this road is mostly a light uphill..

now i have reduced battery weight down to 56lbs. i would have expected to gain some mph just from loosing some of the battery weight.

but i think for now i can live with the 10min ride to work. much better than 30-40.
I am going to look into see what i can do to my 36v mountain bike. first going to try 48v and see if it blows up..
im guessing it's not going to untill after i recharge as i am using the batteries in the scooter so they are not going to be 100% full..
ddupuis wrote:Ok so my controller is able to put out 31A but my battery
pack can only put out 20A. is thus a problem. is there a way
to allow this pack more amps?. or will i need to build up a custom pack?
yip its a masive problem!
you will be down 30% on power
the only solution you have is changing the bms
then your scooter will probily hit the speed i calculated above ;) (58kph)
(if the cells can handle it :? )
ddupuis wrote:Ok so my controller is able to put out 31A but my battery
pack can only put out 20A. is thus a problem. is there a way
to allow this pack more amps?. or will i need to build up a custom pack?
It's my understanding that you are running 7 x's 12v 12ah @ 84v SLA's?
ddupuis wrote:Batteries. 4x 6-DZM-10.
You have pretty much hit the end of the line with SLA's, there really is no way to add any "extra" amps into what you have. You could add larger batteries, but with the rather obvious space constrictions. As adian said, go with RC lipo's like this:

https://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/sto ... _Pack.html

or do as you were thinking earlier, and build yourself a lifepo4 battery pack. Having just had a $80.00 lipo develop 2 bad cells after 3 uses, I am now avoiding them, (and Hobby King). I would recommend building yourself a battery.
i have a 48v 14ah SLA pack in series with a 36v lifepo4 pack. the lifepo4 pack has a 20A limit.

i have been trouble shooting why it cuts out on me. and i have been leaning twards the BMS in the lifepo4 pack.
im not getting the speeds i was expecting from the setup.
Ok. new throttle installed. works great. love the cruise control. with the new controller lol.
but bike still cuts out from to much throttle at once.
not the biggest problem but would be nice if i could
stop it from happening. makes it hard to go up hill from a stop
need those amps to get moving. only does this under load
well think the motor may be dead. went to leave work a few days ago and just stopped as it usually does from too much throttle, but this time it wouldn't come back on. normally i have been able to turn the battery off and on again and then could continue on my way, but not this time. no throttle response. i have charged and tested the batteries, tested throttle. the scooter is still at work so haven't had a chance to take it apart to test the controller and motor yet. any thoughts of what it may be?
robnewyork wrote:benefit, ur motor may fry but controller will know whats to expect and live
motor seems to handle 84v fine. it's pretty low amps though maybe 31 MAX.
but i think the lifepo4 BMS limits to 20A.

if i go down to 72v i will loose some speed wouldn't i. not really looking for that.

I am thinking i need to upgrade the motor to something that can handle some better power and get a quality controller
K. something to think about and work on over the winter.
i finally brought my scooter home so on next day off if weather isnt to bad i will remove controller and just test to make sure its dead. didnt even ask the seller about replacing it. its not been opened or moded but i did have to change some connectors to match scooter.
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