I want to go faster.

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By summbear48
Hey guys, I havent seent a lot (well, exactly 1 that I can find) of schwinn missiles dealt with. I picked one up for $15 to flip for a colleague.

it has a stock 2300 rpm 24v motor with 90 tooth and 11 tooth. needless to say, 10mph is a little weak. overvolting to 33volts (8s lipo with BMS) I only get about 13mph.

my goal would be to get a little more oomph and maybe 15 ish miles per hour, doesnt have to be both. Looks like my options are to change sprockets but really motor is kind of weak.

so probably leaning toward at least getting one of the 2600 rpm 24v motors.

So here is my request: have you guys had luck with this motor? (2300rpm) to make it fun? or should I just go for the motor.

If that is the case, do any of you have a side mount 24v 2600 rpm motor?

my controller is the stock controller but it says its a 40 amp controller so I was pretty impressed. motor is 23amp. would love to make it more like a missile than a dart gun :-)

tnc has a 24v 600w for like $129, but dont want to pay that much if I am trying to make a little money on it.

By summbear48
Got an upgraded motor but it has 11t sprocket so was going to switch the original 15t to the new motor I got... Problem. So the old motor looks like a freewheel set up, 15t, 10mm bore with the retainer clip on the top. New motor has 11t sprocket, pin through the middle, I believe an 8mm bore. UGH. I want the 15t or close to that on the new motor that has an 8mm bore. Cant seem to find a sleeve or adapter from 8mm to 10mm... or a 15t pin type that is 8mm. They are both currie motors, 1 is 2300rpm 300w, the other is 2600rpm 350 w. Anyone tackle this problem? or have suggestions?
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By Dieseled
i have the currie 600 watt motor with freewheel and circlip, and 1/2 in bore. if you look a little bit further down the shaft, closer to the motor there is a roll pin, i used a similar sized nail to tap the roll pin out, then the half inch shaft slides off, revealing a smaller shaft, probably 3/8. this whole assembly should fit the smaller shaft, I dont know if it will line up properly but i am very curious (i would like to ditch my freewheel and go straight sproket). the freewheel adapter shaft must have been a selling feature for their fancy lines
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