I want to go faster.

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I have a Satellite RK-9 electric scooter with a 12v 4.5 ah, 100w chain driven motor and am looking to make it a little faster. I have read that I can get a higher voltage battery, I.e. 24v or 36v, but then elsewhere I read that doing that can cause my motor to burn out. Can I get a higher voltage battery? Would getting abec 7 or abec 9 bearings (my currents are abec 5) help at all? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

These scooters only use a small motor (100w)
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it would be more advisable to save your money and get a bigger scooter
which should give you more scope for upgrades.

But if you like the little thing than a motor upgrade would be my first point of call
the biggest standard fitting motor you can use in this scooter is a 150w
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fitting anything bigger would be hard unless you like a challenge :D .
(150w is still very small 250w should be a minimum goal)
This might fit with a few mods 600w :D
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DC-Motor-MY76 ... 20e9abdf21
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but its very expensive

When i was younger I was into sk8ting and honistly
it makes little to no differance what bearings you use.
only swap them if they die.
(we used abec 1-5 )
So if I choose to put in the 250w, what "challenges" might I encounter? Do I need a new controller also? Will I need a new battery with higher voltage or amphours? Sorry for all the questions, this is my first project and don't want to screw up my little scooter, because as you said, I like it alot :)
Yes ul need a new motor ,controler and possibly a new throttle
the hardest part is finding room for your motor and batteries
there is allways a soulution its just a case of finding the best way to do it.
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can you weld of fabricate
allso can we have a pick of the scooter with the deck off

Thinking about it you could bolt the motor to one side of the back wheel using some angle iron
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Okay, I was wrong. My battery is a 12v 7ah. Lol my bad. Unfortunately, I cannot weld or fabricate :( I am posting pix of the scooter from the top view with the deck off and then of the underside where the motor is at. (I tried to remove the step brake, but only succeeded in stripping one of the screws), so once I figure out how to get that screw out I will be able to get the step brake off and access the motor from the top.
Side view 1- from top
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Underside view 1
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Top view 1
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Wow your going to have fun moding that
esp with vertical dropouts and a spring chain tensioner

My first suggestion would be to overvolt the scooter
1 you need new batteries anyway
2 those motors are only £15 new and if you cook one who cares

For batteries id look at hobbyking or ebay
2 22v 6cell 5,000mah lithium rc batteries would be a good place to start
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there are some good deals out there you just have to look
Hi krystlesc, welcome to the forum :D

My first scooter was essentially the same thing and their pretty limited as far as what you can do with them. Although you could drop in a brushless outrunner like I did, (still waiting for my ESC to be RMA'ed by Hobbyking! :twisted: ), the problem is that these scooters aren't safe at high speeds. A small crack in the road will throw the rider over the handle bars. The brakes are also total crap. I would really recommend on keeping the speeds on this thing low.


What adian is suggesting is the best course. If you fry the cheap controller, you can drop in a new one for $15.00, the same thing with the motor.

After that, see if you want to go further and start looking for a frame to work with or, depending on your skills/willingness to learn new things, you could follow adians example and make your own frame:

krystlesc wrote:Unfortunately, I cannot weld or fabricate :( .
You can get a hobby welder for about $100.00 USD on eBay:

http://www.ebay.com/itm/171377292594?_t ... EBIDX%3AIT

I have one and I am very happy with it. It took me a little time to get used to it, but after a couple of youtube videos and some practice, I am doing good solid welds now.

The trick to learning welding and or fabrication, (or anything else these days), is to Google it and then go at it! You will make mistakes, (please share them with us so we can learn from them also ;) ), but ultimately you will have something awesome and totally unique!

eBay is also a good place to look for tools for fabricating. Check craigslist, kijiji, local want ads, flea markets etc for scooters, a lot of forum members seem to find great deals there, (sadly,not me :( ). Always be looking around and saying to yourself, "what could I do with that."

Also, spend time perusing the forum. Forum members are true hackers who are always finding creative ways to work around problems. You will notice that most forum members mostly use simple hand tools for their creations. You can get a lot of great ideas just looking at what everyone else has done.
Thanks for the info thus far :) I'm definitely interested getting into a little bit of welding/ fabricating, but we'll see where this takes me first ;) I don't plan on making this scooter too terribly much faster, just a little bit. I now have 2 of these scooters, and one has a little bit more torque while the other has a little bit more speed (in terms of longevity while riding). Is there anyway you could post a diagram like before showing me some possibilities in terms of battery positioning and such? The one from before was helpful, and I think I'm more of a visual learner :) Thanks again!
krystlesc wrote:I think I'm more of a visual learner
I tend to be this way also. What I often do is make cardboard mockups. these are cheap to make, (use a glue gun, much easier), and really give you a visual on how things will fit.
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