I want to go faster.

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By Andy
Greetings all,

I have been reading posts on this wonderfully informative site for a few months now, thank you.

I feel I am finally ready to take the plunge and start modding 1 of the 2 scooters I have, nothing special, just the Puzey design 1000w 36v Chinese variety. Still, more than enough for what I need. Fortunately for me I have unlimited free access to Yuasa 12v 12ah batteries, perfect to add another to my setup. I have already purchased an lb37 48v controller, 48v charger and have a free issue 48v throttle, but it has 4 wires not 3 :(

My questions are these:

Can I use the throttle I have already? or do I need a 3 wire? If I need 3 wire does anyone know a UK supplier as I am fed up of paying import duty and royal mail tax on US purchases :D

Thank you in anticipation, for your advice.

Regards..........Newbie Andy :)

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By aidanworthington
If the throttle has a power guage then you can
but if it doesen't you probily carn't .

I had the same scooter
and it was 10 times better geared down using a 64tooth rear sprocket.
(I custom made the rear mud fender as i didn't like the chinese plastic one)
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for ramdom scooter parts check out petrolscooter uk
By Andy
Thanks for the reply Aidan.

Was hoping that you would respond, yeah, that rear mudguard you made looks awesome. With a 64T rear sprocket is it a straight swap or do I need a new size chain also? The new throttle I have is just the 48v version of the 36v that came with it, is this ok?

Finally, in your experience is it worth my while adding another battery and the new sprocket? will the end result in a noticeable difference to what I have now?

Just noticed you are in Stoke :D I'm just up the road in Middlewich.

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By aidanworthington
Check this out.
(my old project)

There is no point in adding an extra battery because there is simply no room for one
and itl look stupid if you did

The best thing you can do is to gear down to a 64 tooth.
Its a easy fit but some fileing will be needed for the center hole
(20 min job)

Youl need a longer chain some split links and a new rear sprocket

chain 8mm
http://www.petrolscooter.co.uk/drive-ch ... links.html

split link
http://www.petrolscooter.co.uk/split-li ... ooter.html

rear chain drive
http://www.petrolscooter.co.uk/sprocket ... -moto.html
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