I want to go faster.

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By jsw5620
First post here and I am sure I will be back for more. I know this is the total opposite of what most if not everyone does here. I have searched and searched but have found no way to accomplish this besides drilling throttle and installing a throttle stop. From what all I have read, you cannot rewire the batteries from series to parallel to achieve 12v and double the run time due to the stock controller having a shutoff at around 20v. The reason I am wanting to do this is I have a 4yo son wanting one for Christmas and want to start him out slow. I have read to where you can remove the hi-speed wire from the throttle harness wire and it uses only low-speed. Not sure if that will work. Can you replace the stock 24v controller with a 12v that will do what I am wanting until he gets the hang of things?

By robnewyork
12 volt controller from china, run the batteries paralell, u will have a 5 mph power wheels.with crazy run time.and a 12 v charger will be needed.
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By maurtis
Yup, going with a 12V controller and keeping the stock gearing would be fine. And Rob is right, you end up with around 5 MPH, Power Wheels speed. Compared to the other Razor scooters and street karts, they are already pretty slow since they are geared for torque on grass and dirt.

Just keep the stock controller so you can go back to 24V when he is ready.

You could also try sprocket swaps, but that will add torque and may be a bit harder to control for a young kid.

My son started riding his MX350 when he was 4 1/2 and really took to it when he was 5, so your son will likely grow into it pretty quickly.
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By bassiclyLouDog
Where did my post go?!?? Anyway. I had a lil 6v powerwhel quad I ran off a 12v for my little one. It was a pushbutton throttle in the handlebar. Why couldn't you just run a push button 12v switch from the autoparts store? I mean it goes full on throttle but at 12v you should be ok??? It would only take a few bucks and no waiting. Maybe this is a bit much for a 5yr old, but isn't the concept of a twist throttle also new. Heck you could run it on 6v???
By robnewyork
the take off would wheelie with a 5 yr old on direct button id say , power wheels simply spin the plastic like crazy, on my double volted jeep thats why no pwm is safe
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By bassiclyLouDog
Good point. Yikes. Only 2 hits for 12v controller. Both no good I suspect. 1 is for a razor e90 but looks push button or on/off . Other is 12v common 3wire throttle...but rated for 200watt or lesser motor. EBay hits are the way to go it seems.
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By maurtis
jsw5620 wrote:Do you guys think removing a wire like described in this link would work?

https://answers.yahoo.com/question/inde ... 231AABg7hO
No, that guy is smoking crack. The Razor Dirt Quad uses a hall effect throttle which varies the signal between 0V and 5V. It has three wires going into it, +, -, and the signal wire. Clip any of those and it just does not work at all. It is not a Power Wheels style on/off with a high and low setting.

Stock, the dirt quads are made for torque to get up hills and through grass/dirt. Much faster than a 12V Power Wheels, about the same speed as a 24V overvolted Power Wheels, 8 - 10MPH. Enough to scare your kiddo at first, but I am sure he would grow into it fast.

As Rob mentioned, a physical limiter would be the easiest route and may be worth looking into before changing any of the internals. If you can rig something up that way, it would be easy enough to derestrict when the time comes.
By jsw5620
I've been searching for a thread for the screw mod to know the steps, but can't seem to find one. I'd hate to jack up the throttle to where he couldn't even ride it Christmas morning.
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By aidanworthington
You could allso use a programable kelly controler
and program the max amps to whaterver speed you want
but its not as cheap a option as the above suggested
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