I want to go faster.

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By quile
Hey guys. I got a Razor Drifter for my younger kids for Christmas and I am looking to upgrade the batteries to 3 12v 15AH (36v) batteries my older son at 140lbs can get in on the action.

I want to be able to install a second speed regulator that would allow me to reduce the overall speed for my younger boys, but then crank it up for my older son.

Would something like this between the controller and the motor work? I assume it has to be at least 30A.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Motor-Speed-Con ... ce&vxp=mtr


I am also looking into is 5" schedule 80 PVC and 5" rubber couplers to slide over the drifter wheels. One for a cheaper alternative to replacing the stockers and one for "slicks".

sorry that would't work
(both ideas)

the easyist way to restrict the throttle would be a varible resistor on the throttle signal wire
and when you know the requied resistance swap it out for a resistor and key swich
(using a 30amp controler)
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