I want to go faster.

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By Big Dog
Hello everyone - I posted some specific questions on my intro so here goes some lets get down to business on my wimpy little scooter. I am bigger than most Chineese,that it was originally intended for. So what it is , is a 350 watt scooter by boreem and I am looking for a set up that most would recognze as the best ,longest lasting and most bang for my buck. Thanks for the response in my intro but doing a little homework showed that many were not happy with the unite motor. Another question is where is the best source for parts that has a good tech presence .I need a few phone calls usually to get my project right. Any one that has some nice packages with good shipping as well. Would a 48 volt system be better than a 36v system? I am not necessarily on the cheap but I appreciate a good deal if available!

By robnewyork
id add kelly 50 amp 36 v controller, and 3 18ah batteries..and hall throttle.. or risk the motor and go yk43b , 3 18ah batteries, scare urself and perhaps smoke motor
By Big Dog
Ok lets see if I can get the best of both worlds. If I kept the 36v motor trying to understand the controller and throttle situation. What do those components do to help my slow poke situation out? Also interested in a lets say 35mph range. Is that out of line and if not what parts are needed to get there with my chassis, and should I source individual parts or are there some shops that specialize in what I am after and can hook me up with a package type deal. Any suggestions and prices that seem like a fair deal and will last are my main concerns. I dont scare too easily after driving race cars over 150mph - 35mph on a scooter should be ok!
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By maurtis
36V 36AH? That seems like a HUGE battery pack, unless it is a road-worthy scooter.

Is it one of these?


If so, that is probably a 36V 12AH pack, three 12V 12AH batteries. Those scooters are notorious for having poor performance, I had a 350W version as well, but it was branded differently. That was before I was into modding scooters, I just used it to ride to work when I lived about a mile away and did not feel like taking a bicycle.
By Big Dog
Thats my ride thanks for posting the pic. On the rear fender it has badging that states 350watt 36volt 36ah. So now we know what im dealing with and would like to travel faster, more torque, and longest travel time. An average commute would be 3-4 miles max but with a few hills in between.Added to this equation- im built like an NFL running back :lol: So heres my deal, weight equals 2 average chinese riders, goes currently around 15mph, runs out of steam with little riding time, wont pull much of any hill 10-20percent grade,and quite frankly its embarasing as hell paddling like Fred Flintsone on my little rides. Love to get on it and ride around on it like a proud man and not like I found this on a bargain lot abondoned because of little or no respect for this very anemic ride. :cry:
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By maurtis
You are right in thinking these scooters were made for smaller Asian framed people, or kids. Especially when modding them, us bigger folks can overtax the stock hardware pretty quickly. To paraphrase what "they" say, for most scooter builds you can pick two from the list: fast, reliable, cheap.

First we need some more well defined goals.

Top speed: "goes currently around 15mph". What would you like to hit? That chassis is probably pretty squirrely at 25 and up. If you want to hit 30+, you should think about lengthening the frame and going disc brakes.

Run time: "runs out of steam with little riding time". This is where the size of the batteries comes in. The larger the battery AH capacity, the more runtime you get. When manufacturers say "up to 30 minutes of runtime" they mean on a flat, smooth surface with a 60 lb girl on it. When we bigger fellas get on, that number goes WAY down since the controller is pretty much constantly pulling max amps. If you kept your current motor and controller you could get more runtime by going with larger batteries, but top speed and torque would be the same.

Hill climbing: "wont pull much of any hill 10-20percent grade". This can be solved with either a gearing change for more torque (but less top speed), or a larger controller to feed more amps to the motor. I think the stock controller on that scooter is around 25 amps. Going with a 50A+ controller gets you more pulling power and acceleration, but also sends a LOT more heat into the motor. It is a very quick way to burn up a stock motor.

So if you wanted 25 MPH top speed, more torque for small hill climbing and acceleration, and longer runtime you are looking at a motor swap, new controller, and larger batteries.

I know Rob was selling a 1500W brushless motor that would likely be perfect, but it may already be sold. His recommendation of a yk43b controller (pushes somewhere between 100 and 150 amps, it is mean and cheap), an industrial motor (like the ones used on pumps and forklifts), and big 22AH batteries would definitely do it. Might be a bit of overkill, but we like overkill!

Here is a picture comparing a 350W Unite motor and a 1HP industrial, from my current scooter build:


Of course, there are tons of other options. Like going with a bigger Chinese Unite scooter motor, using RC car/plane motors (which can bet absurdly powerful for the size), etc.
By Big Dog
Rob and Maurtis thanks for the input and pictures. I love absurd power! What motor does a rc plane use? Small and powerful sounds like a good combo to me. The weight of myself and scooter plus that big motor is getting heavier plus new batteries probably weigh more then the ones I have. I dont know if the big motor would fit my application without making it look like frankenstein.. Interested in small powerful stuff and someone that has this stuff for a one stop shop so to speak to take care of all my need for speed- needs! Has anyone used a reputable scooter shop like some of that stuff I see online?
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By aidanworthington
Il have some results on my rc build soon hopefully this weekend
then il tell everyone what i think of castle (toro) motors

but be warned using a rc motor is very difficult but the results are amazing when done corectly

( Iv done the math for different ways of using this motor and the simplist way would be to fit the motor with a 8 tooth 8mm pinion and drive a rear wheel where the drive sprocket is as nearly as big as the rim ie a 10" minimoto wheel with a 77 tooth this would give a top speed of 55mph @ 22v.
Im going for a clutch setup on my build just for the fun of it lol :?
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