I want to go faster.

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By flguy
I'm trying to trick out my son's razor dune buggy. One thing I would love to do is add a speedometer or electric motor RPM gauge (this would also help us understand if it's running optimally). An engine temp gauge would be cool, too. Is this possible? If so, how? I know they have MPH gauges for bikes but I have no idea if it applies here. I'm almost more interested in the RPMs temp since I am messing with various voltage, sproket and motor schemes. Thanks for any advice on where to buy, connect and calibrate!

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By maurtis
Most of us use GPS apps on our phones as speedos. You can use a bicycle speedo that uses a magnet and pickup, just glue the magnet to the inside of the wheel, make a bracket to hold the sensor and use the right values for your tire diameter and you should be good to go. RPM is a lot harder since these brushed motors are sensorless.

And for temp, you can get either wired or wireless barbecue thermometers that should work great with the sensor probe glued to the housing of the motor.
By Saintmythi
bike speedometers suck. with most needing the magnet to pass the sensor at less than 1.5mm away. and with angled spokes on the bike wheels it is not easy. use a app or look for a portable speedometer like the laser the cops use.
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By kmxtornado
The app I use is literally called, "Speedometer" from the Apple app store. I'm sure Droid has something similar. I love the simple face of it. There aren't any crazy layouts to the app. It's literally your speed in real time written out huge on the face of your phone.
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