I want to go faster.

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By ijiraq
More of a practical util model
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I would like to make this go faster once in a while, in case I am in a hurry.
Here's what I know:

-the bike is about 280 lbs

-It is 87v 800W controller

-10kW brushless motor

-5 battery array, sealed lead/acid gel batteries

-3 spd/torque settings (lower spd = higher torque kinda deal)

-twist throttle

I would like to see 50-55 kph ideally in 3rd speed setting, or in bypass mode. Right now, the bike goes 30-31 kph max governed, 33-34 with a super fresh charge max in bypass.

I have loaded the bike with a 500 lb net/nearly 800 lb gross, and the top speed unchanged/negligible on the flat. Can still climb in spd 1 unassisted to abt 25 deg incline (the steepest iv'e tried)

The current range is unknown, but carrying 300-350 net she has carried me 92km on a single trip across part of ontario, but was slowed to about 12kph in a kind of "limp home mode" for the last 700m or so.

I would like to keep the wonderful torque, but add speed as an option if i need it. (like a sub system with different torque/hp ratios for speed) that I could switch to.

I am also thinking to design a LiFePO4 array with a low voltage cut out circuit that shuts off power higher, to compensate for ambient temperature drops. I was wondering if it would hurt to add a little extra voltage while I'm at it.

So is it feasible to "pimp" this out to my specs without changing the motor itself? I am thinking to just increase input voltage -but I am doubtful as to the actual amount gained by adding 12v more in series

any help would be great

By robnewyork
if its 87v , u need about 120v and a controller to handle that, the motor seems pretty serious rated at 10kw.a custom headway pack would be ideal.. u have a beast on a leash essentially.
maybe just a bigger controler
something like a kelly micro controler
it wont add any extra speed but itl get there quicker

other than that its time to add more voltage+ new controler
By ijiraq
i love the torque with my setup. i can pull a car behind me. i am gonna play with more voltage first, see if that adds speed but i suspect it wont till i change controller. 1500w RMS would be good i think, I am pretty sure the controller is limiting the output even in bypass mode. I'll check out the Kelly's
By ijiraq
i just saw the prices of my controller, and other ones out there. The Kelly is nice, but $$$ is holy cow.

I'll through a couple more batteries on to see what happens, and check through to find/remove current limiting or bottlenecks. My conroller has a USB slot, i assume that is for programming (but i use it to run my onboard GPS right now)
it would be cool to run the model when i get home and see if its programmable
here are some cost effective controlers

90v max $99
programable 1800w constant 10secs at 4320w
http://kellycontroller.com/kbs72051x25a ... p-505.html


for $68 84v continus 1500w no peak
http://www.ebay.com/itm/1500W-Bicycle-B ... 2619wt_949

but like rob said just add anouther 12v battery and see whats happens

your other option is nearly free but requires some reserch
on the controlers specs and internal parts
then plan a calculated sunt mod for %20 extra power
if the mos-fets are up to the job

(they probily are)
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