I want to go faster.

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By bushwood4568
Hello, I am new here, and don't know very much about electric scooters. Anyway, I got a S500 a few years ago. I stopped using it for a while and the batteries are dead. IF figured if I'm replacing them I should convert it to 36v so it is a bit faster. How exactly do I convert it over, and will it handle 3 stock batteries? Thanks in advance for your answers! :D

By Saintmythi
with an ezip 300+ you should be able to run 36v by just plugging them in. bigger batteries longer run time, if you can make some room. check motor after a few for heat and you should be good. i like to add a heatsink to the motor for added cooling. but i'm an old school guy
By bushwood4568
What batteries should I buy? From what I've seen I should be able to buy 3 of the stock batteries, cram them in, wire them in parallel then be good to go?
By bushwood4568
robnewyork wrote:u need bigger batteries for run time, make space its there..
Yeah, but how big? I'm kind of afraid that I'll fry the thing on 36v. But, I want some speed. Tell me if I'm wrong but basically I need 3 batteries that I will run in parallel. Can I just solder on some wire to connect the 3'rd? And what charger would you guys recommend?
By robnewyork
No iys series.. any ony 36 v razor charger will work..normall u dont fry the motor with 36 v.. but for run time using stock battery size ur gonna be dont to 25 mins
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By bassiclyLouDog
with original controller, battery size won't matter. running 36v with small batteries is the same as using large ones....when you overvolt you gain speed but kill your run time. you want to at least double the AH(amp hour/capacity rating) of the battery...if you're stock batteries are 7AH try 12AH or 18AH...you'll find a way to fit them. wiring is simple. get a 36v charger. Batt #1 Pos to controller....Batt#3 Neg to controller....neg to pos neg to pos inbetween. easy peasy.
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