I want to go faster.

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This will be where I'll document upgrades to a 500w motorized cooler. I might have questions along the way and figure this may be a good place to include my journey to share with anyone interested.

Two 12v 18ah batteries run a 500w motor using a 24v controller (amperage spec not available). It recently stopped running. Upon inspection, I found the connectors going from the controller to the motor cable were melted together. Figured it might be a good time to upgrade this thing with a performance kit offered by a vendor who specializes specifically in modifying Cruzin Coolers (not a typo).

Top speed on this thing with me at 170lbs is 13mph or a slight decline. Used the Speedometer app on my phone. Matches the manufacturer's top speed spec to the T.

I use this thing as my stroller for my daughter and I to cruise through fairs, festivals, farmer's markets and other outdoor events. Top speed is fun, but I wouldn't want to go that fast with her on it and particularly in a primarily pedestrian environment, the ideal speed is about 2-4mph with occasional bursts of speed a bit higher to pass crowds and maybe show off a little.

I'll be adding a 3rd battery to the system. In order to fit everything nicely in the battery case/compartment, I'll need to sacrifice the amperage on each battery. The battery case will hold three 12v 15ah batteries nicely. The importance of it all fitting nicely in the battery case is so that I can move it in and out of the car independently of the cooler itself. Combined, it probably weights maybe 90lbs or close to it. Best to have it separate when loading into my sedan trunk. I might be 170lbs, but it's far from all muscle.

The controller will be upgraded to a 36v to handle the extra power.

The throttle will be upgraded as well with a battery readout so I know how much juice is left.

I haven't bought it yet, but I'll be adding a speed controller so I don't accidentally push this thing to 23mph top speed and my put my daughter at risk. We wear helmets, but best to stay as high off the asphalt as possible. Don't want any collisions.

The main purpose of this upgrade is for torque. Speed as I mentioned would be awesome, but there wouldn't be much realistic opportunities to really use it unless I'm going up and down the street by myself which would be rare and reserved only for test runs. The thing stock doesn't take on inclines. It finds even the shallowest driveways to be a challenge.

With my experience from overvolting the Sharper Image mini scooter you see in my avator, I'm confident that this thing will see the performance increase I'm expecting.

The kit has arrived and should be waiting for me when I get home from work (late night this evening). Batteries were purchased from another vendor due to availability and those won't arrive until the end of the week. It's still sitting in some USPS warehouse in Colorado.

Photos pending, but check out my handle at Instagram @ricecooler if you want to see the before pictures. Everything's housed inside the cooler and I only have one shot of the inside, so not much to see but you may want to take a look to see what I'm working with.

I want to extend my gratitude to bassiclyLouDog who totally hooked me up with all the info I needed up modify my Sharper Image mini scooter. He helped with the overvolting which has done me well. It's been years and I've been riding it regularly ever since. Loving it so much. It's still my mode of transportation for going to pick up some to-go dinners to bring back to the house.

I figured out how to post the photos, so here it is currently:

I wouldn't call it hacking, but I did have to go through some HTML scripts to find the source of the link. If the photo above disappears, that means Instagram is onto me and isn't going to allow me to repost photos I've uploaded to their servers.

It's done! The cooler is now a 36v monster running off three 12v 15ah batteries! The installation was fairly easy thanks to the kit and excellent correspondence from cruzincoolerupgrades.

Definitely more torque and it spits it out at a very slight movement of the throttle which is a bit scary. I was using the throttle to basically assist in pushing it through the garage (not sitting on the cooler b/c the space is tight and my legs are too fat). It jumped! Wow, I was excited and after finally getting it out on the street to test, I found that it definitely accelerates faster. It's even louder. I need to super careful with the throttle. Just touching it makes the thing jump off the line in a hurry. It will take some getting used to.

Odd though that when I pulled out my Speedometer app which recorded 13mph BEFORE the overvolting, is topping out at the same speed AFTER the overvolting. No change in top speed! Getting to that top end though is much faster.

Is there a reason for this?

The throttle is still way sensitive. No joke about getting used to it. I spent about 3.5 hours with the cooler yesterday and it still jumps off the line occasionally.

I'm desperate for the speed controller particularly at events like the Italian Street Art festival where bicycles aren't allowed and I too technically shouldn't be bringing the cooler into the event. Luckily, it was only when I was about to leave that Security finally approached me and said I couldn't ride the cooler anymore. Yup, that meant he was expecting me to push it to the exit. I was close by, so not a problem. Full respect for Security, of which most of the team let me roll on by w/o saying a word during the majority of my visit.

The Security guy at the entrance I think was pleading for his boss to let me ride. "It's literally going only 2mph," he said over the radio. I didn't bother to listen to the rest of this conversation b/c I was in a hurry to get out of sight. Last night, I ordered the speed controller. Maintaining 2mph with this setup as it is now is so tough. The throttle literally rotates 5 degrees or something miniscule.

I took a couple dips and runs up tiny slopes. Literally a short 4' distance to see how it would handle. It does handle better, but I'm still paranoid about melting connectors on grade changes.

Speaking of which I read up that these connectors are known to melt and so that solution is to hardwire using butt connectors the wires running to the battery and motor. I'll be doing that probably this weekend or sometime after my daughter goes to sleep during the weekday evenings. I prefer to have it done before the next ride this Holiday weekend.
I removed the plastic 2-pin connectors for the motor and battery and replaced them with butt connectors. All but 1. I screwed up on one and crimped it just after one end of the wire fell out of the connector. Oops. Time for a new connector. Out of service 'til then, but no big deal.
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