I want to go faster.

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Hello, this seems like the best place to ask as the crazy cart seems to use same motors as the scooters..

I want a bit more power and torque, going to fit a my1016 350w motor instead of the 250 (I think) original. Just wondering what I should go for - there is a 24v or 36v option of this motor. Was thinking of running the 24v motor at 36v or the 36v motor at 48v.. for more speed.... i already have a great 14s lithium pack for my ebike so it would be good if i could use that.. although the fully charged voltage is 57v. Would this fry the 36v motor?

Then what controller to choose?

thanks for the help! Tom :-)

if you have a 14s battery id try to fit the biggest 48v motor that is possible
somthing like a 500w-1000w all depends on the room.

allso what is the bms in the battery rated for as this will be the limiting factor
between 250-1000w

(yes a 36v motor would probably die on 60v but a 48v would be a lot happier plus the extra rpm means
you would go a bit faster 25%)
Thanks so much for the reply Aiden.. the bms is fine for 2kw, the real limiting factor is the physical size of the motor i can use. thats why I was aiming for the 350w and hoping to eek a bit more power out of it without blowing it up right away! will have a look at the dimensions for the 48v though.

If i did go for the 350w 36v and used a different battery just a 12s, what controller would you recommend maybe a 48v 500w? any brand to reccommend?


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