I want to go faster.

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By robnewyork
after looking again the 90 tooth should screw right onto the freewheel on the mx500 but no gaurentees seeing as i dont have an mx500 in front of me.

By jgh
It's like you're using your Jedi powers again. You read my mind, I was just about to ask how you calculate rpm's when you apply different voltages to the motor. Is there a drastic change off the line when you move up to the 90 tooth? 38 is moving though, how does the mx500 ride at those speeds?
By robnewyork
its smooth as glass at that speed. no feeling of being worried at all. as for the gearing , u will feel the difference, but thats all. it wont be a huge gain, really only 12.5 percent gain (roughly
By jgh
My 48 volt charger finally came in yesterday. After anxiously waiting to ride my bike all night I finally took her out fully charged. She topped out at 32.5 mph. I ordered one more 12 volt battery and a 60 volt charger this past Thursday. Realistically, what sort of gains do you think I will get? 3 to 4 more mph?
By robnewyork
if u stay with the 80 tooth ?? 32.5 is above the projected number so thats really good.. if 48v got u 32.5 dive by 4 =8.125mph// your gonna be very close to 40 mph on a full charge!thats it the electrical and mechanical efficiency stays as high as it is now.. but im sure u will hit 38 :)
By jgh
I think I'm gonna stick with the 80 tooth for now and see how close I can get to 40!! I've got to figure something out with the suspension. The bike is really heavy and doesn't handle going up or down curbs very well. The frame always seems to bottom out and hit the motor. On flat streets it's a very smooth ride.
By robnewyork
same with mine.. you need to modify that rearward seat frame or chop it off to get some suspension travell. either that ortake a piece of box steel and raise the shock another inch to provide some travel (mine had a good 3/4 travel ) How the run time ??
By jgh
I may chop it off, not sure yet. Run time is great, I rode it all day, 10-15 minute increments. It began to lose speed, I would estimate about 4-5 miles of good run time, maybe more.
By robnewyork
yep.. if i wasnt wailing on it just cruising at 30 mph i could get about 5 miles and that was with the yk43b which is a hog.. with ur controller cruising at 75% throttle u could probably cover 7-9 if u had an open stretch./one thing that helped me with the clank of the motor and frame slapping on bumps , i put a cushion on top of motor.. made it smoother and silent bc i was half in the bag on it at night and needed to be undetected on way for beer runs. id get some grey pipe insualtion or and strips of rubber u can chop a section from.. I cant wait to see the top speed after this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By jgh
Lol, that's hilarious. I was just saying I need some sort of beer holder for this thing. That a good idea about the padding, at least soften the blow until I figure something else out. I forgot to mention I purchased that meter you suggested, can't wait to see what another battery does for this thing.
By robnewyork
YEA, I never added a basket simply because of looks, but it may have helped a bit lol. i miss mine now , i guess i got bored with it , in hidsight i would have kept it and added a kelly 400 amp and upgraded the motor to the one i have collecting dust in my spare room now , not sure the .75hp leeson would have handled much more than the 200 amps i was pushing
By jgh
What kind of motor can handle a 400 amp Kelly controller? I'm probably gonna put together another bike when I'm finished with this one. If you went with the 400 amp controller and the bigger motor would you have to get into the bigger chain, #35 possibly?

Nice move on leaving the basket off, that last one you built was a beast. A basket would not have looked right.
By robnewyork
a bunch of slightly larger industrials , like the clarke 2.5hp 36v i have now.. its internally cooled, not much bigger than my leeson but everything is overbuilt on it. One of the 3.6hp motors would be ideal , i just didnt know where to fit it on my mx500 at the time.The next time i get a controller i hope it will be the 550 amp kelly , the prices are similar, heres the 400amp

http://kellycontroller.com/kdz4840024v- ... p-955.html

and the 550 amp
http://kellycontroller.com/kdz4855024v- ... -1179.html

as far as motors the price varies from this

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Imperial-36-vol ... 2375361988?
that would be an internally cooled motor that can handle massive amperage and doesnt even get warm on a yk43 b , i had one.. pretty good price but 49 lbs and big
By jgh
What's up Rob? I've been really busy the past couple weeks. Had my brother in for a week and then my in laws for a week. I haven't had a chance to do anything with the build. I purchased everything I need to add the fifth battery but it's just sitting in my mudroom. I know it's still there because I hear my wife complain about it daily. Hoping to get to it sometime this week.
By jgh
Haha, no wrecks yet. Can't wait to get that fifth battery in. It will be interesting to see what thing can do.
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