I want to go faster.

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New here and i am looking some advice for getting more top speed of my scooter,
seller claims 32km/h and i am getting only 16. i am a small guy, 65kg.
it has 2850 rpm 36v motor and speed controller is some generic chinese box whit 50v caps inside
11 tooth on the front and i belive 54 in the back. has 3x12v 12ah SLA batteries.

any help would be much appreciated


By robnewyork
well a 48v mod would get you from 16 to 21 or so.. seems like the stock controller may handle it but you would need to monitor the voltage seeing as how the controller will not shutoff till 32 v and the batteries need to be on the charger by 44v.. a new 48v controller , a 48v charger and a new battery may do it if the three batteries u have are fairly new..I hope u mean 16mph and not 16kph becuse thats really bad and may suggest another issue
Scooter is brand new and top speed is 16KM/H, there is not enough room for another 12v battery.
maybe change to lipos, just checked the voltage on the battery and it says 41v when the charger goes green so there is some issues. i added 1s lipo in series to the battery and got 45v but speed didnt chance, weird :roll:
By robnewyork
thats really weird.. !!!!!!!!!!!! theres always room, its up to you to make the room!
16 kph is just over a runners pace ..seems to me the most likely culprit is the controller.. Does the motor smell?? are there wires touching anywhere??If the batteries and motor are good I have to think controller. can u test the output of the controller on the motor wires ?? i (also see if the throttle is broken or really wobbly in its housing )
By robnewyork
lipo packs wont change the controller.as far as 36v controllers to replace the stock one they range from 17dollars shipped and ready too go, to as high as 100bux if u not only want top speed but also good acceleration.
Motor never gets even warm, i hooked a clamp amp meter to the wire and it pulls 35 amps peak and steady top speed it draws 14 amps, throttle is solid feel but ill take all the electronics out and check them.

you guys want photos of it?
now i feel like completely idiot :oops: my phone gps was set to mph, i did switch it to kmh but somehow it switched it back mph. whit 13 tooth in front i goes 19 mph but Acceleration took little hit.

is that kelly controller good? anyone else have it, id still like to have more torque.
20mph and Acceleration like in 11 tooth sprocket that would be super nice.
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By zen_racer
what brand/model scooter do you have, and how's the space in the battery compartment? the better controllers like kelly are usually bigger in size than the cheap yi-yuns controllers...
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By zen_racer
ok that scooter is sold under many brand names... i have the 1000w version currently, have played around with a few diff configs but nothing serious yet:


i believe aidan had a kelly upgraded evo scoot but seems like a few details in his post have been removed:


another post related to your scoot, may have some useful info though the dialogue wanders a bit lol:


one approach to reach your goal of more torque and higher top speed:

- swap out the three 12Ah batts and go with four 10Ah batts for 48v
- swap out to 48v controller but keep the stock 36v motor
- swap out to 48v throttle if needed
- if your scoot has T8F or 8mm chain, change sprockets to 54/10t

doing the math, 3800rpm at 48v, 54/10t ratio = 20.93MPH

of course your range is now reduced but you can always fix that with lithium :)
So many choices :D Ithink ill try 1000w 36v cheap controller what that gives me and if no change then propably that 36v kelly controller.

Dont want to buy new set of batteries since those costs around 130 EUR(135-140 US)
ordered this couple weeks ago an should be here in few days, that will give some info whats going on.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/171924970727?_t ... EBIDX%3AIT

Also bought this
http://www.ebay.com/itm/191716403379?_t ... EBIDX%3AIT
By robnewyork
the second one can be upgraded to 48v later on.. not the first..theres an entire 40mph kelly setup on the for sale section for 150 shipped!!!!!!! 150 amp 5600 rpm brushless setup, just needs batteries
Does anyone know how much that 800w motor can handle, meaning amps and volts?

the 48v 100A kelly controller should be here in few days.
By robnewyork
awesome. no one can say what each motor can handle but since the kelly is programmable get urself the connection cable and start out at the lower settings ( leave the take off at 40 amps ) ride for a while, test motor temp , increase the settings and find a balance of the motor staying cool and the acceleration being good.. My guess is it will handle the kelly on mox settings but dont take my word..
Ok, that was the plan. start low and go up if it can handle.
i ordered the cable also so i can adjust the controller.

btw the rear sprocket is 70 :shock: so my gearing is now 13/70
By robnewyork
what was it before? i guess everyone guessed 11-55 or 13-55 , either way the gearing is a good thing..heavier gearing less motor strain
some pics of my scooter, i am building battery pack from lithium cells it takes along time since i hav to test all the cells.
the rpm pic is at full throttle.

By robnewyork
very cool, and yes making those battery packs has to be time consuming..whens the kelly coming?? how many AH will the 48v pack be?
By robnewyork
awesome, should be a lean mean combo with the kelly.. Im very curious to hear how it accelerates with the new controller.. ive only tested the 200amp kelly so i have no idea.
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By zen_racer
THA wrote:Ordered 5s 5000mah 30c lipos for the 36v system
what brand and price?

that scoot is sharp, looking fwd to seeing the finished build in some vids hopefully. i'm even more impressed with the battery workshop... do you have a spot welder too?
Lipos are from hobbyking, they are turnigy lipos.
I dont have spotwelder but i am plannign to build one as those are easily made from old microwave transformer.
The final battery is undesided, lipos are cheaper and has more power than lithium cells but the charging is a bit hassle.
lithium cells whit bms is maybe the best option but i need alot more cells that hav more than 15A continuous discharge rate.
those high drain cells are not cheap when you buy alot of them. like these http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-LG-INR18650-H ... SwJcZWegT9.

Max power at moment is 1199watts, ill report once the lipos and the kelly cotroller arrives
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By zen_racer
THA wrote:The final battery is undesided, lipos are cheaper and has more power than lithium cells but the charging is a bit hassle.lithium cells whit bms is maybe the best option but i need alot more cells that hav more than 15A continuous discharge rate.
the more i play around w/ lipos the more i agree with the lithium choice. pls post pics of the batt pack build too, would be interested in seeing the process...
Man those lipos are 100 better than sla batteries, on lipos only i get 3 km/h more top speed and more torq.
voltage sag i huge on sla batteries, on sla in full throttle voltage goes around 36 on lipos it stays well above 40v.
but that charging is what it is.
customs have my kelly so no idea when ill get it
and it loses 10kg on weight

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By robnewyork
wait why in the world does customs have the kelly?? they ship from china also?? i only had a used one so no clue
Yep, it is coming from china. i live in finland so maybe it was cheaper to them to send it from china?
i am waiting to customs to contact me so i can send invoice to them and then pay the taxes and custom fees
By robnewyork
interesting , im not sure whwre they ship from for u.s orders, it may also be china.. I know the customer support is in china
Looks like i am going to stick whit lipos, i hav read so many bad thing about those chinese bms and i have 2 here and both of those dont balnce cells that good and quality bms costs well over 100 bux.

So my setup will be:
2X http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/stor ... _Pack.html
or 2X
http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/stor ... _Pack.html
http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/stor ... S_6S_.html
balancing cells when charging
and 50v CC CV charger so one charger charge both of lipos at the same time and no need to take lipos out of the scooter
and whit those 16ah lipos ill get nice range boost aswell.

12s lipo will give me 50.4v, 13s is 54.6 but charging goes back to nightmare.
10-30 amps is kinda useless in my case anyway as it draws more than that in stock and if those packs use same shitty cells as those balanceboards then i dont want to be no where near those.

those light houses on fire everyday, just today i read the news and someones house burned to the ground because he had balanceboard that he purhaced few days ago.

Customs released my kelly today so it might be here tomorrow.
whit that charging system i have much more control rather than hoping that the bms does its job.
i can easily check all the cells manually whit a multimeter.

lipos are totally safe if you treat them right, i hav been playing whit lipos for years and never had an issue but
when you dont balance charge, discharge too much or too low, use shady chargers that over charge then that is how you start fire.
By robnewyork
yep.. the lipos are great, i wish they built bigger packs like 36v 10ah so you only need one balannced charge to get back on the road
Got the power leads pretty much done, used 8 gauge wire on all of the powerleads. voltage drop should be less than 0.3% at
80A 36v.

glued rubber mat on the bottom and sealed all little cracks whit silicone.
2 5s 5000 lipos for illustration purposes, ill drive whit 4 of those until the 16000 mah 6s lipos arrive
few pics of the project

if i am not totally wrong the resistor should lower the inrush of current when i flip the switch
By robnewyork
ok that makes sense now , for some reason i was thinking otherwise.. I know people got good results with the 50amp version so the 100a should be awesome.
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