I want to go faster.

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By Kvn2107
Hey everyone so I am completely new to this hobby and don't have any experience really but I thought it would be a really fun project to modify my old e300. So as of right now I have my completely stock razor e300 that doesn't really work. It is probably the batteries due to poor care on my part. However I did already have the batteries replaced once before so possibly it is something else. Either way I wanted to do a mod on this scooter and here is what I would like to achieve... I would like it to reach a top speed of about 25mph but anything 20 or over I would be happy with. I would like it to have a decent ride time of at least 30 minutes at max speed. And probably one of the hardest parts, I would like to keep the total cost low, under $150 for sure. I have done done a bit of research and read some good stuff on this forum and would love to hear what you guys think would be best for a newcomer like me. Is it best to buy a new controller and a third battery and overvolt the stock motor with 36 V? Or is it worth it to buy a new motor? Or to even buy a new controller? These are just some things I have seen and read and would like to hear everyone's opinion. Since I'm new to this, I dont want anything too crazy or difficult but I am up for a good project so let me know what you guys think! Thanks so much! :D

150 , 22.5 mph is possible.. How does the scooter carry you with stock gearing?
if the stock motor handles ur weight pretty well as is 36v mod would get you to 22 ish.. you would need charger,throttle, controller, batteries, and thats about it ,. if the motor and gearing are struggling to carry you , you may also need a motor which makes it harder to stay on budget.Anway
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Kvn2107 wrote:... I dont want anything too crazy or difficult but I am up for a good project so let me know what you guys think!
is your neighborhood relatively flat or hilly? you might want to consider gearing for a lower top speed than 25mph to make it easier to climb hills.

IMO the most difficult part of this build will be finding room to mount three batteries, especially 3 x 12Ah batts. the battery tray is sized to fit two 7Ah batts which are much smaller than 12Ah. there is no additional space for much else in there...

so to me, time = money. the time needed to fabricate/modify for a three battery install, how much does that translate to you. when situations like these come up i tend to look at lipos... a higher investment than SLA but zero fabrication time.
By Kvn2107
Hey guys thanks for the initial responses! To robnewyork, when the scooter worked, the motor seemed to carry my weight pretty well (I'm about 150lbs). Thank you for the links! Would these be some of the best prices?

To zen_racer, my neighborhood is fairly hilly however I would be using my scooter more on flatter paths so I am not too worried about torque which I believe is what the larger Ah rating is, correct? And if you have a smaller Ah rating the batteries are usually smaller right? This way I could save some room and weight with smaller batteries and possibly some money? Also, I think lipos may be too complicated for me... Thanks for the ideas! The more info and ideas I can get, the better!!!
i did suggest the idea of additional torque but that would be achieved thru the gearing... changing the rear sprocket and/or motor sprocket.

Ah refers to capacity. the higher the capacity, the larger the physical size of the battery. 7,8, 9, and some 10Ah batts are identically sized. 12-15Ah batts are bigger and heavier.

the stock E300 comes with two 7Ah batts. i'm very close to your weight. i've rode on my kids' E300 which has been upgraded to 9Ah batts. 30min runtime is do-able.

now to get over 20MPH requires overvolting. overvolting = higher power consumption. i dont see 30min runtime maxed out throttle on an overvolted setup with 7Ah or even 9Ah batts.

to overvolt you'd need to mount a 3rd battery somewhere. if you want 30min runtime or more now you have to plan on installing a larger battery than stock.

lipos were confusing to me too, before i started using them. do you have a smart phone? i'm still using a flip phone and to me smart phones seem complex but i think 90% of the population uses smart phones, including my kids :lol:
By Kvn2107
I like the idea of getting batteries with more Ah. I don't mind if they are bigger, I can get creative about finding a way to secure them on the scooter. Do I have to be careful about using too much Ah on the stock motor? Like could I have too much for the stock motor?

Also, I was wondering how well overvolting the stock motor works? If I overvolted the stock motor with 36 V, would I have a good chance of killing the motor? Or would it last me just a little while before I need to buy a new motor? I dont want to have to buy a new motor after just a few weeks or even months of use.

And yes I do have a smartphone so maybe I could get use to lipos! lol
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