I want to go faster.

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my E300 was killed by friends kid..he slammed the scooter on the curb too many times and messed up the motor. So his mom bought him a mx500 like my sons mx500.

Since my sons is not new and the other kids is I want to modify mine to go a little faster cause my kid is a little bigger...I dont want the other kid to be faster than my kid...lol....

So the batteries in the E300 are new ...just throwing that out there...so are the ones on the mx500

I just need to know what to buy and if there are any parts off the e300 that can be used. I doubt it..except for spare batteries ...

object is to make my 60lb kid on used mx500 faster than her 40lb brat on his new mx500

cheap as possible since Christmas just passed..lol...

cheapest way would be to add one more 12Ah batt to the MX500 to take it to 48v. ideally you'd want all the batteries to be around the same age.

there's NOTHING in the E300 that i would transfer over, especially those small 7Ah stock batts. it might seem tempting to add a smaller batt to the three already installed in the MX500 but don't... might seem cheap but it'll cost more in the long run.
Zen I saw in other thread where you said it would be cheaper to go to 24volt and throw in a 24 volt 500 watt motor and use the stock controls and throttle , is that correct?

what are the best options here? if I add a battery is there more to do? I will need different charger ..right...?

I dont need to go 30mph just faster than the other kid ...say 20 or so.....whats the most cost effective way to get there ? Im needing to order some other parts for it and would like to do it all at once
I would wire your 2 12v 7ah in parallel for 1 12v 14ah...yes it's older...add it to the 3 12ah batteries and ride on 48v for free. It's a quick dirty mod that you can do with everything you have now. Tape the 2 e300 batteries together...wire the pos and negative of each battery together and run 1 pos and neg both as one. Add this "one" battery to your other 3 in the mx500. The stock guts with handle your new 48v power plant. The down side is your new pack will only be as strong as your oldest battery. The plus side is you see 48v power and decide if you either 1...buy a new 48v brick...or 2...buy a 24v motor and a beefier 36v pack....did I mention it's free aside from the extra wire and connectors??
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