I want to go faster.

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By vollender
I have a razor drifter kart that I cut up and put it under a 1950 kidillac pedal car body. I put in 2 12ah batteries. just wondering if I can add a 3rd 12ah battery without changing controller. I have a 36v Schwinn charger.

Just wondering if 24v components will handle the 36v.

I am going to us this set up as a pit cart at our dragstrip were I race.
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By robnewyork
yes, just monitor ur batteries , the controller will not shutoff in time and you can kill the batteries.. u need a volt gauge , once it hits 33 V , time to charge, not a millivolt lower.. also , u will need to wire the charger dfirect to the batteries, a 24 v controller will not pass 36v charging .. just 36v running
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