I want to go faster.

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By captcurt83
I want to be like Ricky Bobby " I WANT TO GO FAST". What could I do to make it go faster?????????????

By robnewyork
the 180 is tough to mod without first replacing the motor with something bigger..then a new controller, and likely new batteries.. It is pretty easy to get the swhinn scooters pulling wheelies.
By robnewyork
or you can work the balls off it , keep the stock motor and hope it doesnt smoke.. SOUNDS LIKE FUN TO ME < since the new motor can always be done later
By robnewyork
http://www.scootercatalog.com/24v-scoot ... 301a9.html

this controller will have it pulling wheelies through the entire speed range.. you will need 3 new batteries so the top speed is 18mph , not 12mph

some grinding and hacking , squeeze 3 of these under the deck

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Casil-12v-10ah- ... OSweWVXfop~

on off switch to handle the 200 amps

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Auto-Battery-Di ... RW&vxp=mtr

36 volt charger for the 3 new batteries

http://www.ebay.com/itm/36-Volt-1-5A-Ba ... -U4Kazi5Rw

now all u need is some wire , and a way to squeen the batteries in place.. id guess ud have a 4 mile range, pulling wheelies at wheel , and probably need a new motor within 1 weeek

http://www.ebay.com/itm/450W-24V-Electr ... Sw9N1VqnJJ
By robnewyork
the combo I listed is as fast as your gonna get the scooter, But also the least reliable in the sense the motor will likely fry with all that powerr.. Now , theres always a chance it doesnt.. theres certainly milder combos , and for more range, id add the biggest batteries u can.. 12 ah would be my personal minimum looking back now , but the 10 ah are soo much easier to fit, even though they still require some mods to the steel tray
By captcurt83
Thanks but I DON'T want to burn to motor up I just want this thing to go fast while keeping the motor
By robnewyork
ok.. if its a 24 volt design , just do the 36v mod.. it will do another 6 mph top speed, same acceleration ., no fried motors, all cheap parts except the 3 new 9ah batteries.
By robnewyork
now if you want more torque and the same top speed, thats entirely different., getting more top speed and better accleration will run the gamble on frying the motor.. its a tiny tiny motor
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