I want to go faster.

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I have a mx500 stock. my kids. I have a couple good 12 volt batteries that are sitting in a dead e300 scooter.

I told my son we would modify his bike to make it faster now.

what is the best way to do this or what way gives the best results?

I was looking at a 48 volt 1000 watt control box and throttle set on ebay for $43 . I could add the extra battery and run this control and throttle. will that give any speed? or just longer run time?

what about the motor on the mx500, will the above give improvement in power or speed? or do I need to put in bigger motor?

I saw some 1000 watt motors for $80.


is there anything to do with the 36 volt setup to make it better and not add battery or change motor?

I dont want it to be 60mph but I want to make it better as he is getting taller and its not as fun as it was at first .

is there nobody in the USA with that controller?

I acquired 2 MX650's in need of work couple days ago and no the projects have turned to the 650's . and the same is true for them...get 48 volt controller and throttle and over volt the 650's. .. .......

I saw over at scooter catalog they have a controller that is 36volt to 72volts or more... it would be nice to be able to buy the controller to run now but controller be able to be used when adding batteries. this first controller I have seen that covered 36volt - 72volt.
robnewyork wrote:4 new bigger batteries and this controller , it will be a different bike , night and day

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Electric-Bike-M ... nG&vxp=mtr
Looks like the new replacement for the lb37...although only 45amps. Might be a nice balance 100amp yk is sometimes too much. Bought a generic 40amp 48v it was not enough
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