I want to go faster.

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first things i had to sort out for the clarke 2.5 was a mounting plate , and how to fit the 7/8th blade coupler onto a 3/4 shaft with it still being concetric.. lathe time to make the black coupler with keyway seen in the pic


natural progress after that


hopefully the delrin will not only serve as a spacer, but stop the natural seizing that happens between metals over time..

used some plates i had anyway to mount it , no money spent .YET .. i still need batteries


then i did a test run on 12 v , see how smooth it was

took all morning , but not too shabby/..

so far soo good.. Its gonna be pretty heavy if I keep the front wheel drive also.. on 36 volt , the blade should be spinning 2100 rpms with ample torque.. Ill try to get some video mowing the yard next week.. ID actually like to have a variable throttle on the drive motor , simple on off will be a pain when i dont feel like going zero or 4 mph..
yes,. that was the idea for the drive motor, since I cant really run it without a 40 dollar dc=dc converter ( 36 down to 12 volt ), may as well get a controller for 15 , and I already have a hall throttle..
great idea. I have few take off 250w motors and controllers laying around. I need to put them on my (gas for now) mower like you did! Is that just a rubber hose in place of the sprocket for your friction drive?
no.. thats a knurled aluminum wheel ... I thought about using plastic , but figured it would either slip or wear itself out in a few weeks.If i didnt have a lathe, id use a skateboard wheel with an 8mm internal bore , , and still use the front spring tensioner im using now.
i used a lot of junk.. the front tension spring is off a e200 kickstand, the motor is an e100, the drive wheel is actually a co2 tank adapter i machined to fit the 8mm shaft,,


depending how much i tighten the lower screw, the more or less tension in the spring.
just ordered a 36v controller with integral pot box, so i can dial in the power on the knob for the drive motor, and leave it set to any speed I want while moving.. its 40 amps peak , I doubt ill ever push that and probably run at 1/3rd throttle ( 4 mph) Thiss was the cheapest and best solution, I didnt wanna have to man the throttle all the time, and this also has an on off feature

http://www.ebay.com/itm/272617908403?_t ... EBIDX%3AIT

i guess were i in a serious hurry, I could crank it up to 36v an have the mower doing 12 mph
hahahhaaa, yes, i dont have a means to transport one , even though i see em used for cheap all the time.. if the yard was bigger, certainly id get a riding mower.. not to mention , total cost when done monday will be about 75 in batteries and switches.the rest, i already had.
The only good thing about my property is the space but an acre of grass and it takes 2hrs to ride mow and a good hr to push the trim and hills. Carrying that extra weight would suck. If I were to go electric I'd go for a push weedeater Ala those old d.r. infomercials of the 90s. Something I can barrel through high weeds. I redneck ed my wheel barrow as a cart to haul all the sod from the garden I got outta my lower yard.
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