I want to go faster.

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By Shumatec
I picked up an m200 from a dumpster. It has no batteries or charger, and no deck. Everything seems to be there but I cannot verify working condition. Anyway, what are some things that can be done to modify this scooter for higher performance? Thanks! No, I have no experience with electric scooters.

By robnewyork
step 1 would be to get some batteries and see if it works.. ID suggest going right to aftermarket parts if you were familiar with scooter wiring ..is the controller still inside the scooter?
By Shumatec
Yes, controller still seems to be there. You're right, I'll just start with a couple 12V batteries and see if it runs.
By Shumatec
Actually, controller is missing now that I take a closer look. Motor is there, plus a bunch of cables, but nothing else.
By robnewyork
well , u will need a generic controller, hall throttle , and some batteries..not sure it will be worth it unless youre really motivated
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