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By zen_racer
thats the high RPM version, nice pickup! i replied a bit on lipos on your other post so will just touch on the rest... for the controller i'd stick with the same type as offered in the combo kits , just for ease of hookup, maybe get a 48/60v dual voltage controller so you can play around with the lipo config and give yourself the option to overvolt. i think the controller should be under $50?

what type of chain are you using, dont know what is stock on the bladez. both my xtreme and rhino are using 8mm or T8F chain/sprockets. with a 64T wheel sprocket matched to a 10T motor sprocket running on 10-inch diameter wheels the speed calculator says top speed is slightly over 26MPH.

i ask what type of chain because the sprocket size options are different between 8mm and 25# chain...
By SpaceKaseJase
Thanks for the lipo help, brother. I think this motor's a pretty sweet deal. Did not notice it was high rpm, so bonus! Unfortunately, I don't know the chain or sprocket size. Still trying to look that info up. I know the sprocket is bigger than the Razor e300, so it's going to have some serious torque.
By SpaceKaseJase
Well, now I'm in the market for lipos. It's been awhile since I posted last because it took me forever to finally pony up the dough for the Boma 1500w 48v bldc. I'm thinking powering it up with two 6S packs which provide 44.4v. Trying to keep it around 10-12 A. Hobbyking has some 6S, 12A packs for around $110 each. Rating is 10C. This is what I'm not sure about. Do I want a lower C rating (like 10C) or a higher one (like 20-30C)? Thanks again for your patience.
By SpaceKaseJase
Don't have the controller yet. Not sure current rating other than 48v, 1500w, 5600 rpm. I believe you recommended this motor. Since it's going into such a small frame, it's going to be scary. I don't plan on WOT very often since there's no suspension. Might you know any more specs in this? I can't find any from Aliexpress.
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By zen_racer
based on similar motors offered by various sellers, i believe that motor is rated around 33-38a:

1500w divided by 48v = 31.25a

the math seems to support this estimation, so you'd want to make sure the controller is rated for at least that much, say 40a and up.

now when you look at the battery source, you'd want to take note of the continuous current rating and burst/peak current rating. in this case you'd want batts rated for 40a continuous. 40a burst/peak would be no good, that would mean the batts can only supply 40a for a few seconds.
By SpaceKaseJase
Well, if my research is correct, if each 6s cell is 12000 mah, and I multiply it by the constant discharge of 10c (20c peak), then divide by 1000, I get 120a. That seems excessive. Am I wrong?
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By zen_racer
the math is correct on your part, it's that some have suggested that the multistar ratings are inaccurate and/or over estimated by the manufacturer.

however, given that 120a is 3x your motor's rating there seems to be room for error. so if the multistars are only capable of half the advertised rating, there would still be enough amps to fully power your motor.
By SpaceKaseJase
That's good to know. So what I'm looking for are lipos that have continuous current rating that's greater than the output of the motor. Controller also needs to have a higher amp rating than the motor aswell, correct?
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By zen_racer
right, the motor is spec'd to run without issue at 35a under normal load conditions, but if you're going WOT uphill then the motor will pull more than 35a.

if the controller and/or batts can't supply enough amps to meet the current demands of the motor, then the motor will be underpowered and will feel sluggish.

like Rob and the mods used to say, more amps = more torque...
By SpaceKaseJase
Ok, sounds good. Once I get the lipos, I will def need advice on charging. Believe me, I've spent hours and hours researching all of this, so if I come to this forum, It's because I still haven't found the right info. Been doing this for months now, so help is beyond appreciated.

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