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By zen_racer
thats the high RPM version, nice pickup! i replied a bit on lipos on your other post so will just touch on the rest... for the controller i'd stick with the same type as offered in the combo kits , just for ease of hookup, maybe get a 48/60v dual voltage controller so you can play around with the lipo config and give yourself the option to overvolt. i think the controller should be under $50?

what type of chain are you using, dont know what is stock on the bladez. both my xtreme and rhino are using 8mm or T8F chain/sprockets. with a 64T wheel sprocket matched to a 10T motor sprocket running on 10-inch diameter wheels the speed calculator says top speed is slightly over 26MPH.

i ask what type of chain because the sprocket size options are different between 8mm and 25# chain...
By SpaceKaseJase
Thanks for the lipo help, brother. I think this motor's a pretty sweet deal. Did not notice it was high rpm, so bonus! Unfortunately, I don't know the chain or sprocket size. Still trying to look that info up. I know the sprocket is bigger than the Razor e300, so it's going to have some serious torque.
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