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Unfortunately, I don't have the tutorial but would be happy to document one if I can get some help. I'm looking for some expertise from you folks in hooking up turn signals for the scoot. Here's what I have in mind.

I won't be using the lights nor horn function, but hoping to just use the turn signal on this handlebar controller. The issue I'm having is that there are 7 wires. Not sure how many of them are for the turn signals and where they go.

I realize this will be too small to make much of a difference, but I'm thinking these license plate bolt lights would continue with the mini-theme of my mini scoot and still be somewhat effective.

I found some help here in my research but could still use some interpretation and clarification.

What I'm gathering from that link is:
3 wires are for the turn signals.
2 wires are for the horn
2 for the headlight?

is that correct?
1 of the 3 turn signal wires goes to each side? (left/right) and the other
1 goes to the battery?

I also found a wiring diagram that dumbs it down:

The lights each have two wires. How does those plug in? Ugh, i'm sure it's super easy, but I'm just dumb when it comes to anything with wires which sucks for me being an electric bike/scooter fan. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much in advance.
Traditionally a turn signal circuit will only have 3 wires. 1 being a common ground and the other 2 being a power lead for each side. The problem that you are going to run into are the LED lights you ahve pictured will not draw enough amperage to trip a turn signal relay (or at least a traditional one)
And as your diagram indicated, yes, that may be the case on the universal switch you have. 1 of the wires from the signal will be grounded to the frame, and the other will need to connect to the power wire comming out of the housing. do you have a wiring diagram that came with the switch?
Sorry to have been MIA. This worked out like a charm. Thank you soooo much for helping me out with this project. Loving it still even after this many years later.

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