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By aaron_mason
Hey all,

I'm starting an electric conversion project and wanted to join the forum for feedback / advice / moral support :).

I've got a 1971 Vespa Primavera 125 that is in absolutely pristine condition. Bought it this summer for my wife, who really wanted a cute scooter for the summer. She took the MSF RiderCourse, but when we went to practice, we were both amazed at the speed and ease of use of the little electric Scoots all around San Francisco. When it came time to ride the Vespa, the hard clutch, awkward kickstart and 2-stroke mixing seemed a little less civilized than necessary.

My goal is to only take out things with bolts - no cutting - so that the Vespa can be returned to original condition if needed (it still has Italian plates on it). Cost is less of a concern, but I'd like to do as little fabrication as possible, and assemble the thing using off-the-shelf components. Along with the desire to keep it restorable, I keep seeing that people are looking for a kit, and while I don't have a desire to sell said kit, I'd very much like this to end up with a parts list and basic set of instructions. I'll try and post things here, as well a few Google Docs:

Here's the scoot as it is now:

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By zen_racer
hello Aaron, welcome to the forum!

so how much is a pristine '71 Vespa Primavera 125 worth? i know Vespa is releasing an all-electric model so i'm wondering if that Primavera would be worth more in original condition than MSRP for the factory electric. ... roduction/

that said, i'd be interested in seeing your project come to fruition... i think cruising the city would be fun on an electric Vespa 8-)

but if you're riding in the city you'll need disc brakes for sure, regen is not enough. how are you going to power this ride?

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