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By zen_racer
This project is finally under way... awhile ago I picked up a MX500 off CL for $20, but given the condition it should have been free lol. Early pics of this build...

How it looked after stripped down:


Back from my buddy's shop with a new top battery tray and lock bar:


Very happy with the new battery layout, perfect fitment for the battery cover, no clearance issues!


Did some boring so i could countersink the motor case screws and get them out of the way of the mounting bracket:


Ran into a problem which might cause some delays though... they sent me a controller which after doing the math i think is under-powered :

48V x 33a = 1587 watts ... :evil: Hope they have an explanation that makes sense or i'm sending this controller back!


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By zen_racer
its this motor, 48v 2000w: ... autifyAB=0

there was a big sale on aliexpress so i got that motor plus a matched controller. unfortunately, that controller has been smoked.

i do have another controller ready to go but still verifying with the seller re: the wiring layout, so that's causing some delay. in the meantime i've been prepping the frame and swing arm for a fresh coat of paint and prepping the rims for dipping...
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