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By Junebug
I bought my daughter a Razor Crazy Cart and have been gradually upgrading it. So I just wanted to record the progress and post pics on this forum. Hopefully I'll get some feedback on what I can do to improve. A few weeks back I added 2x 12v 28ah batteries to the back of it for more battery life.


Here's a video:

Next, inspired by the Crazy Cart XL's "flip under-the-seat battery design", I decided to do that to mine.


Next, I added more speed and torque by bypassing the current limiter in the controller by super gluing a piece of paper clip to the connections.


Next, I upgraded to a 36v battery by adding an additional 12v 35ah deep cycle battery to the side.


Next, the weight of the heavy lead acid batteries was causing the tires to melt and wear out. So I upgraded to 5" commercial grade caster wheels.


Next, I decided to add a rickshaw/cart to the back of it so that my daughter could take me around when we cruised the beaches.


It was fun cruising the beach, but an hour later I began to smell burning copper. Then it died on us. We destroyed the 24v 250w motor with all our weight. So I upgraded the motor to a 36v 1000w motor.


I tried testing it out but the motor isn't running. So I'm guessing that I fried the 24v controller as well. So, here I am... Does anyone have any suggestions what I can do to fix it? Improvement suggestions?

Thanks for reading.

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By maurtis
Awesome, I have been waiting for someone to bring in a Crazy Cart build. They rarely show up on Craigslist around here. I would love to get my hands on a Crazy Cart XL.

I was expecting to see some dizzying spinning action in that video!

LMAO, the rickshaw idea is awesome. No surprise that you killed the motor though. That is a lot of extra strain, especially with the paper clip mod. Did it seem to work? I would have soldered it instead to make sure there was a good connection, but done right I could see the glue working.

Regarding the 36V motor, remember that when you ran the 24V motor at 36V you were getting an additional 50% increase in rpms. When running a 36V motor at 36V, you will not. So you will likely lose speed unless the gearing is different.
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By Junebug
As tempting as it to go 25mph+, I have to keep my daughter's safety in mind since Crazy Cart's don't have brakes. You have to brake either by spinning out or slowing to a stop. But I was thinking about doing a mod that involved putting in a hand brake that uses inline skate brake pads. But I think it's easier just putting your feet out and stopping "Fred Flintstone style".

Does anyone have suggestions on how I can add brakes to this thing? Maybe I'll upgrade to a 40mph motor once I figure out how to add brakes.
By robnewyork
its made for driving crazy, get a dune buggy off craigslist and i will have her doin 70 mph no problem and not kidding,.., all razors without disc brakes suck.well for mods anyway, and yes we added disc brakes to a pocket mod but too much work+money, i think thats her next toy and craigslist is packed with them nationwide ,..
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By Junebug
Note to self: Don't order parts from China unless willing to wait 2 months to get it.

I'm dying to get my 36v controller!!!
By robnewyork
lol.,i ordered a wristbrace it took 5 weeks,...also , not to share too much the crazy kart was designed to get out of child support.. its like hmm, kill mom, they willl know its me, flee to mexico , thats stupid,.. oh yea, razor makes the crazy kart, send a gift. (-'
By kikke81
Hi Junebug!.

I just bought a crazy cart and I would like to have fun with some modifications like you did. The doubth I have is about the upgrading to 36 V. If I add another battery it will damage the 24 V controller?. I want to use it like a turbo speed (similar than NOS system in tunned cars), but I don´t want to burn the controller. What do you think about it?..
By robnewyork
u sure the new motor is a brushed model and yes u need 36v 40 amps controller paired to 1000watt motor and not haul urself.. that said there is no such thing as 24volt 1000 watt unite so u dont know what u have..,motor looks suspect.
By robnewyork
not to mention thats a 36v motor so were it brushed ur overvolting is gone...u need a new plan.. put a replacent motor in, stay off the kart, and see if controlller spins it.
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By Junebug
kikke81 - I don't recommend doing the upgrades that I did. The money that you spend on upgrades (motor, batteries, controller, tools, etc.) you could use to buy a Crazy Cart XL which is already a 36v cart.

So I finally got my 36v 1000w controller. But the wiring is a bit tricky because it was meant for an electric bike. :( I'm trying to get help on CL from a local electrical technician to help me fix it. But I need a diagram/schematic. Does anyone have wiring drawings?

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By maurtis
Should not be too bad, I see some of the plugs are labeled.

- Two wire plug with thick black/red wires are to the batteries, black -, red +
- Two wire plug with this blue/yellow wires are to the motor, hook those up however and if the motor spins backwards, flip the wire colors
- If there is a two wire plug marked "Lock" or "Ignition" that should go to your power switch. I think it will be the one with the blue/red wires in your picture
- Three wire plug marked "Derailleur" or "Throttle", throttle

That should leave you with a whole bunch of two wire plugs that you can leave unplugged. You should have a brake cutoff plug that cuts the power to the motor when the brake lever is pulled. One you might want to track down too is the charge port (usually black/red wires) so you can still use the 36V charger through the controller. Otherwise you just have to wire the charge port directly to the batteries.

I found this online that may match yours at ... 19858.html :


36 Volt
1,000 Watt
Eight Plugs:
Power Source - black/red wires, 2-pin male
Motor - blue/yellow wires, 2-pin female
Brake - black/yellow wires, 2-pin female
Throttle - red/black/blue wires, 3-pin female
Brake Light - red/black wires, 2-pin female
On/Off Switch - red/blue wires, 2-pin female
Charging Port - red/black wires, 2-pin female
Indicator - red/black wires, 2-pin female
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By Junebug
Maurtis - Thanks for your help. I followed your instructions and wired the new controller in. Unfortunately, the motor isn't turning. I'm guessing it's the wiring to motor that I have to fix. I went to Home Depot and got a volt meter, now I just have to learn how to use it.
By robnewyork
the lock connector means on off if that helps .. the chinese mean scooter lock which we dont realize and derallier means throttle;.
By robnewyork
ur prob is u have no hall throttle. and dont realize lock means on off in english, fix thise 2 ur good.. ignore BS connetions like tail light and indicator and brake , cut em off if it helps u focus... i used to
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By Junebug

So I finally mounted my 36v 1000w motor securely to the bracket. And all the wiring to the controller done correctly. Time for some Spring Break fun! I tested it out, and everything runs well. But I'm starting to get that itch again - my need for more speed. :twisted:

So, question: If I take one of the stock 12v batteries and connect it in series to the 36v batteries (48v total), will it go faster? I know when it was originally a 24v motor and battery and I added another 12v battery, I noticed an increase in speed. But I'm afraid to do it again since I put in a new motor and controller.
By robnewyork
Running the 36 volt at 48 v will do no hard to a 1000 watt...but i dont know if ur 36 v controller will handle it.. plus tge spare battery would need be the same size as the other 3 or eventually you will have a fried 4 th batter...u will also lose ur lvc and have no indication of when its time to without a way to monitor voltage in the battery pack ur taking a rish..ud also need a 48 v charger with may not charge through the 36 v controller.
By pabloreynoso
Hey JuneBug

That Crazy Kart looks amazing! How has it been working?

I just got one for my daughter and an XL one for myself and have been looking around the web for mods, you definitely take the price Rickshaw and all!!

Im wondering how have the commercial casters worked out for you and which material did you pick? At the Crazy Carters Google + Community, user Mathias Lab was recommending these... They look legit but Im wondering which size to get and what material, specially for the XL which is known to eat the front tire and back casters in a few uses.

I also already ordered this Poly Filled tire for the XL and eventually might get the same for the small CC too, although for now my daughter will now have a spare front tire (the original one that came with the XL). Have you had any issues with yours regarding the front tire? Do you think this tire will fit the Crazy Cart?

Thanks in advance for all your help, I know Im asking a lot of questions!

Im hoping the XL will be able to accomodate bigger and better mods because of its size, and since and since my daughter will have her own, I dont have to worry about going crazy with it! LoL
By crazycartlover
robnewyork wrote:u have all the skills needed to make some scary fast projects , let us know when u want her doin 25mph, or even 40 mph

Hey there, I want my crazy cart xl upgraded. can you help me?
By Uksel
Hi, your modded crazy cart looks great. One thing that has always bothered me about them though is the rear castor wheels, the ground has to be perfect. How are your indistrial castors holding up? I was looking at maybe sourcing a rubber/air filled option for rougher terrain, any suggestions maybe?

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