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By shortcircuit911
I started commuting with my scooter again this week. I finally got the controller back from lyen today and hooked it up at my desk at work lol. I forgot how fast this thing is with two motors. I complained about motor noise after my first test ride, but now I like it a lot. The motors sound so cool spooling up, you can hear each one and it's awesome! There is still so much to do to get this thing done, but I kinda like that. If I were riding around a finished scooter I'd probably be a bit bored. I do need to get some paint on this thing because it's starting to rust, today it was POURING and I got water everywhere. The deck needs to be remade and a larger notch needs to be added to the bottom to add some wiggle room for foam. There is also a gap in the front because the deck deck sits higher (the angle of the down tube caused this). I'd like to take care of the new deck and new harnesses this week/weekend. I'm going to make everything as short as possible to make more room and cut down on inductance. I'm also considering using 14ga wire for the charge leads because I only charge at 3 amps or so, that will make it easier to solder two wires to one connector. Another thing I will try and finish wiring the watt meter. Hopefully I can make lots of progress now that I have everything in the battery tray, that was holding up progress. Until then I'm just going to enjoy ripping around in this thing because it's too much fun. I'll be back with more updates.
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By zen_racer
sweet! i'm a big fan of the understated, sleeper look. what's the current weight so far?

a few years ago i know a bunch of the SF Giants got custom scoots, wonder if those are still popular in the City? bet it would be fun lining that up against a goped ESR750, ecoreco, or any other high end scoot... pulling away i know i'd have a big grin!
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By shortcircuit911
Ya me too, I want to keep it blacked out, kinda stealth looking. Weight is 43.4 lbs which is a little heavier than I wanted, but there's not much I can do. The popular scooters in the city seem to be the kick fair scooters with the oversized wheels, and the Ecorecos. I always seem to be going the opposite was as other electric scooters I see, I can't wait to line up with someone else and smash them. The current is set at like 30 amps or so, I can't wait to crank that up to 50 or so, the batteries won't like that much. When I get all the other important stuff done I'll add a 3 speed switch and just keep the controllers cranked up. The motors had the hiccups today, but only on the bumps. I came home and checked h connections and ended up recrimping two hall sensor pins and had to push the phase connectors in a bit more because the center Anderson connector was backed out a bit on both motors. Both spun up nicely on the bench and i balanced the packs to 49v. I got some work don't on the watt meter, I have he cable done so it runs all the way up to the bars. I'm going to try and make the new harnesses this weekend and get the meter and charging system done.
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By shortcircuit911
Yes, first one! Lol Got off the train this morning and let it rip, the side walk was wet so I ended up doing a double burnout 8) . On my way back to the train just now a woman in a parked car opened her door right in front of me I quickly swung my hips to the left and leaned the scooter out of the way of the door. As I looked back to thank her for looking for people in the bike lane I noticed she was on the phone and oblivious to what just happened. Luckily I was able to dodge that bullet because I don't like to wear helmets (I know, I'm an idiot). I got some garage time in today so I hooked up my new watt meter with the 100 amp shunt it's pretty sweet for being a cheapo. I need to swing by radio shack and get a project enclosure for it. Hopefully I can move on to the deck and charger harness this weekend. Anyway I'll be back with more progress.
By robnewyork
Sounds good I never wore helmets doinn 40 on the mx500 thank god buddy Andrew was wearing one on the green death machine 72 v industrial e200. He wrecked at about 40 ish put a nice dent in a dot helmet.
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By shortcircuit911
So yesterday after work I went to my company's holiday party in the city. I was pretty excited about taking my scooter because I had to climb some really steep hills to get there. I hopped onto taylor and took it all the way up, and passed by Lyen's house on the way. It was really fun riding in the street with cars and being able to keep up with them/split lanes. I'm pretty pleased with the way my scooter performed in the city. The streets are far from smooth and they were wet, so it was the ultimate test. My new watt meter is kind of small so it can be tough to see how many watts I'm pulling at full throttle. Up on of the hills I was pulling 70 amps, and somewhere near 2,000 watts, I can't imagine my batteries were too happy pulling that current for 20 sec or so. Going down some of the hills was a bit scary. On one in particular I had a bit or speed at the top and when I went down the brakes weren't super helpful. At one point I was doing about 10 mph with the rear wheel locked up, perhaps front brakes wouldn't be a bad idea. All in all it was a fun night riding around, I'll have to do more excursions in the city soon. I took a few pics, hopefully you can see how steep some of the hills were (it was getting dark).
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By zen_racer
lovin it!

do the motors get warm after those climbs? wondering if regen braking would come in handy or problematic with those multistars.

kudos on this build, post updates when you can...
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By shortcircuit911
Rob, I forgot to mention that I'm only running 1 watt meter so 1700w is both motors, sorry for the confusion. I could crank up the amps on each controller and easily pull over 3,00w, but my lipos will hate me.

Zen thanks a lot man, I'm glad you dig this build! Its inspiring when others think like me and are into the nerdy stuff I'm in to. See motor and batt temp comments below.

So my scooter was at 46v today, and after a few PM's with EG I needed to drain my lipos down to my lvc to teach the meter what 0% battery is. So I hammered the throttle everywhere! I probably did a good 5 mile trek on bike trails and around the park by my house. I had the opportunity to climp some steep paved trails and the scooter handled beautifully. It was pulling about 1,700-1,800w going up the big hills. The max current on each controller must be set to 35A (probably because the traces aren't beefed up yet) because I can only pull 70A. I'm so surprised how efficient this thing is. I was playing with different speeds on flat ground and I was only pulling a few amps. If I really wanted to get extra range out of this thing I could turn down the current and just cruise everywhere, but that's no fun. When I got home I checked the temp of the motors and they weren't really even warm to be honest. I pulled the deck and checked the controllers and they we barely warm, the lipos on the other hand were pretty warm. I let them sit for a few hours after I checked them. My scooter's been charging for the past couple hours, just waiting for it to top off so I can set the 100% mark on the watt meter. I still need to get the charging harnesses done and mounted externally so charging will be a breeze. After that, I'll work on the deck and cleaning up the wiring so more. More pics coming soon.
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By shortcircuit911
I made a little progress today. I bought a project enclosure from radio shack and milled a section out so I could mount my watt meter in there. It was pretty simple to do, I also wrapped the meter in kapton tape before installing it. The box is sealed with hot glue so it should do nicely in the rain. I went to the hardware store at work today and noticed I had a flat front tire, that is going to suck to change. It looks like I need to pull the motor apart just to change the tube. Luckily I have spares, so I can do it this weekend. I will also throw the stock front tire on there, the tires that came with the motors are pretty square and are tough, the stock tires have more of an apex and are springier. I'll keep you guys updated as usual.
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By noahmercier
Project boxes are awesome. I use them all the time. You should put something to cool the lipos cause I have had mine puff when I tried to squeeze too much juice out.
By robnewyork
i was thinking the same thing as i mentioed it, space!!!!!!!! plus u cant strain the motor so it needs space on both sides if the blade, or drill a bunch of bypass vent holes in the housing of the fan blade (on the sides so the fan can pull from its sides also
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By shortcircuit911
So this scooter has been dead for the past 9 months while I was focused on other things (work), but now I'm back at it! Over the past few weeks I've been working on it little by little to get this thing back on the road and better than ever. The main issue with the last pack (other than being cheap 10c cells) was that I had no BMS watching the cells. So I did a little trading with a buddy and ended up with a variable voltage charger, and a 20s BMS.

The new plan is to run 18s lipos (10ah) instead of the measly 12s I was running before. For X-mas I got some cash, so I pulled the trigger on (6) turnigy 6s 5ah 20c lipos from hobbyking ($38 a piece at the time :P ). The batteries have since arrived and I've begun making all of the series and parallel connectors necessary for the pack. I have also had to move the controllers to the outside of the scooter (yeah I know) to make room for the BMS and lipos. I made up some quick mounting brackets for the controllers and got them mounted up. I've also made the mounting brackets for the forks because I'm adding front disc brakes to this death trap.

I'm probably going to charge the pack up this week and take it for a spin when it stops raining here in the bay. I'll have some more pics up this week as well, below are a few I've taken over the past few weeks. I'm hoping to break into the 30's with ridiculous acceleration, we'll see how it goes.
Most of the parts.
20170101_114016.jpg (138.25 KiB) Viewed 1657 times
Dry fit of all the cells
20161230_124415.jpg (284.61 KiB) Viewed 1657 times
They look pretty sweet side by side
20161229_165859.jpg (79.77 KiB) Viewed 1657 times
I welded the controller mounts to the rear fender
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