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By Evol
This is my son's Razor scooter he got for Christmas. This is our first experience with an electric scooter and the first vehicle he's had to balance on. He has a mustang power wheels on 18v that he is too big for and is passing that down to his sister. Image

He loves this scooter and got the hang of it very quickly. All was good until he rode with neighborhood friends of his. They have e200 scooters and ride circles around him. I believe there are a couple of factors at work, one being my son weighs more than the other kids, he is big for his age and has a very solid build. The other one is the gearing, since it is sold as an off-road scooter it looks like they really geared it for torque.

Our first upgrade path is focused on optimizing the stock quality of the scooter and just giving it a bit of a boost. I adjusted the front tire for better freewheeling, it was really stiff. Same with the rear, it was rubbing badly on the disk brake. I've adjusted it the best I can. I think I need to shim the rear wheel slightly. Right now I have the brake caliper adjusted loose enough that it doesn't rub as much. The downside is the brake force is not as strong as we would like. Lastly, the tightness of the chain tensioner is causing a fair bit of drag. As you'll see in the pictures I have a bit of fiddling to do with that anyway.


Our mods were simple and fairly bolt on. So far it seems like we met our goal perfectly. We swapped out the 62t rear sprocket for a 55t. Testing just that showed an improvement. The motor still had enough torque to pull my son around on grass and he remarked "it feels faster". It seemed peppier on pavement as well, the stock motor didn't have trouble with the new gearing. The other half of this upgrade is the motor. We used the motor from the e300, the 250w version. That was all for the parts used.

Making it work took some effort. We are not 100% on this mod right now but we will be. So far we can go back to stock with only a little bit of soldering. The motor connectors are different so I cut it off the old motor and soldered it on the new one. Had to feed the wires through the grommet in the battery box first, otherwise it was pretty straight forward. The motor bolted up but the pinion gear WA about 1/4 in inboard compared to stock. I solved the alignment issue by mounting the rear sprocket inboard on the one-way wheel hub. The chain does not ride ideally on the tensioner so that is to be sorted. The chain is also too long at the moment due to the smaller sprocket. I have ordered one a couple links smaller.
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By robnewyork
sounds good.. how old is the girl.. these are as easy as a power wheels to overvolt
By Evol
The girl is 3. She's already bored with the 6v baby quad. She hasn't driven the mustang yet but loves to sit in it.

We put the 200 through it's paces on Monday. Sorted the chain and rubbing brake. Clocked it at 12mph using app on my phone. We lost some grunt but the boost in speed was worth it. Still runs fine on grass. I think this one is good for a while.
By Evol
Thanks, I had to use imgur to host the pics :)
The 3yr old inherited the power wheel mustang. We moved up to scooters!
By Evol
We made one final change to the rx, variable throttle control. We used a stock variable razor replacement and gained about 2 more MPH. The scooter runs 14mph now according the the app. A new helmet completes our mods first a little while.
By Evol
We have been running the scooters at night using lights we found on amazon. Works great.
By Evol
I love it. My neighborhood rolls up the sidewalks at 9. If I go out after 10 or 11 I usually don't see any cars. Cruise the streets as I wish.
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