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By Laundrydude
I upgraded my sons MX350. I put in a 500w speed control, variable throttle with voltage and switches, LED headlight and brake light, 24v horn, 2 10ah batteries, 350w AmpFlow motor, and a cup holder.
Longer bolts for battery, slotted holes for motor:
Cool throttle:

By robnewyork
awesome ! any plans to go 36v, it will be a whole lot more top end , like 15 -16 mph
By Laundrydude
For now we will keep this one 24v, but I did make his razor dune buggy 36v and am in the middle of working on the dirt quad. The MX350 is faster now. My son is only 60lb and said it was faster so I put my phone in his cupholder and according to the gps app he hit 15 on flat road. Him being so light helps for sure. It is alot of fun working on these with my kids.
By robnewyork
wow, yes at 60lbs he flies.. when i ,made an e100 with a 36v controller and 3 9ah batteries it would not move me.. I put my nephew on it and he was clocking 16mph with the stock gearing , his mother was freaking out lol
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