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By robnewyork
hahahaaha, 11/74 is gonna be insane , i cannot wait to hear about wheelies and towing cars@ as long as u do the basic wiring like the diagram says , theres no way to fry it.. the complex part is really just the throttle connection , and programming so the vehicle moves forward

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By zogthegreat
robnewyork wrote:the dashboard on the computer for the kelly is in chinglish , so u may need some help there. Basically just set everything to MAX except the under volt protection setting.. that would be set to 42 v
zogthegreat wrote:I will definitely reach out to you on that, I really don't want to fry the Kelly!
Hey robnewyork!

OK I tried to do a simple setup with the Kelly controller and the battery pack for the quad just to do a quick test. My loop was like this:

battery pos > cutoff switch > Kelly pos
battery neg > Kelly neg

As soon as I turned the cutoff switch to on, there was a spark from the pos connection on the battery, (it's not tightened down firmly). I thought it would be best to disconnect everything and ask your advice before proceeding.

BTW, just to mention, I have never powered up the Kelly. Like I said, it's been in a box waiting for a project since I bought it, so I never tested it.
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By zogthegreat
OK, I went out and got a 60a inline fuse, installed it and tightened the terminal wires, (I had left them lose because I didn't have a fuse, I wanted to be able to yank the wires off quickly if necessary), and ran it like this:

battery pos > 60a fuse > cutoff switch > Kelly pos
battery neg > Kelly neg

Now I'm reading 50v at the controller, but the Kelly software doesn't see the controller. The error that I'm getting is:

Can't connect to the controller! Please check:

1. Controller is powered through PWR.
2. RS232 cable is plugged in properly.

Since the cable is fine, I'm assuming that I need to turn on the controller. Here are the labels on the J2 wire:

Wire 1;

1 - PWR
2 - RTN

Wire 2;

3 - RTN
5 - Throttle
7 - 5V
8 - Micro-SW

Wire 3;

2 - RTN
4 - Temp
6 - BRK-AN
9 - RV SW
10 - BRK-SW

Any suggestions?



BTW, yes, I've downloaded the wiring diagrams, but I would prefer to ask advice from people who have already played with these!
By robnewyork
5 throttle , 7 5v is red on throttle , and one of the returns.. theres the 3 wires.,
the fuse is useless, skip it.. because the kelly pushes 120amps anyway.. ditch
the 12 v side of the controller needs to be on to read the kelly, an issue might be the cable itself doesnt come with the driver installed, or you need to install the driver for the rs232 cable which was my problem till i got a best buy cable that had the driver pre-installed. GOOGLE search the 232 cable u have, then download the driver for it.. I believe the red light has to be on for the programming.
By robnewyork
the sequence of steps to get the kelly working should always be the same , regardless of the manual/.
1 get all the high power connections done and wired well, get the 12 v light to come on showing the motherboard to be thinking
2.. get into the controller program and set the parameters
3// wire up the throttle 78 different ways with the power on till the motor spins..
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By zogthegreat
robnewyork wrote:the 12 v side of the controller needs to be on to read the kelly, ....

....I believe the red light has to be on for the programming.
I have 50v going to the controller, but no red or green lights. Do you think that my controller might be bad?

robnewyork wrote: an issue might be the cable itself doesnt come with the driver installed, or you need to install the driver for the rs232 cable
The drivers for the cable are good and and the cable shows up in Windows device manager, (I removed the cable for the picture).
By robnewyork
pretty simple.. the wiring diagram they provide is good for some connections and needless for others.. Like having the 12 v supply run through complicated circuits just to power it on is silly unless its for a golf cart.. So 12 V is needed to turn on the brain and program.. This 12 v system , from what I recall will turn the light green when all wiring is done correctly and the throttle is live
By robnewyork
obviously long term what you wanna do is power the 12 v imput off the 48V pack.. you can do a dc dc converter , or even simpleer, pick a battery, run the 2 wires needed, and put a switch on j2 wire 1 like i did.. So when i booted the system , I had my master swittch to power on the high amperage battery side, then a tiny toggle to turn on the power to my smaller 12 v circuit.
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By zogthegreat
robnewyork wrote:j2 wire 1 is 12v input.. set it up on 1 Baterry to power on the controller with a seperate Battery
OK, I used a 12v power supply that I have, (120v AC to 12v DC), and I hooked the J2 wire 1 to it - still nothing.
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By zogthegreat
I hooked up the 12v neg to the 2 - RTN line next to the 1 - PWR and the controller powered up! I'm grabbing my laptop right now and I'll see if I can interface with the controller!
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By zogthegreat
It Lives! MY creature, it LIVES!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Here's how I set it up:






Does everything look good?

Also, I noticed there are leads for reverse and in the programming interface there are fields for reverse. On a quad, reverse would really be useful. Is there any way to set that up?

Thanks for the help robnewyork!!
By robnewyork
awesome , have u tried riding it or is it just a bench setup for now?> the reverse is integral in the controller, mine was on a bike so no reverse needed.. But i think its simple enough.,

I went through the program settings, so far so good ill have to look again
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By zogthegreat
robnewyork wrote:awesome , have u tried riding it or is it just a bench setup for now?
Right now it's on a bench. I'm waiting for parts, I'm hoping to have everything this week.
By robnewyork
this is gonna be nuts.. where did u get the biggeeer sprocket, are u gonna test the 47 tooth first and see how ti runs with 11-47 gears?? top speed will be insane with those gears and 48v
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By zogthegreat
I ordered the sprocket from the eBay link that you gave me. Since it's coming from China, perhaps I was being generous on the finished in one week time line! :lol: :lol:

Yeah, I'll "test" it out with gear that I have in the bottom of my box. I have 47, 55 and 80 sprockets, all #25 and a bunch off #25 chain. Since I have a chain breaker for the #25, I won't worry about it when I snap the chain! (Please note the I said "when" and not "If" ;) )

My real delay right now is the metal company next door. I need to make my motor mount, but they had a lot of people out sick last week and for some reason, my $5.00 order went to the bottom of the list! :lol:

BTW, I went ahead and made a template for cutting and drilling motor mounts, along with one for cutting out and drilling brake caliper mounts. Do you think I should post them up for other forum members? ... mplate.pdf ... _mount.pdf
By robnewyork
welll on the sprockets dont forget u have the 8 mm chain and sprockets to bolt right up.. U dont need to change anything or run 25 pitch.. u will have 11-47 gearing in the 8mm chain the minute the motor arrives.
By robnewyork
maybe not, so,e of these 800 watt motors come with 25 pitch sprockets.. So time will tell.. Looking back the one thing I regret about all my builds was not using bigger chain like 35 pitch or 8mm
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By zogthegreat
Hey robnewyork,

I was just outside doing some mock up work for tomorrow and it occurred to me that my 36v 1000w Unite was a better fit, (and less work), on the quad than the MX. What do you think, would it be better to put the 1000w on the quad and the 800w on the MX?
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By zogthegreat
LOL, my daughter was down for a visit and wanted the MX350 to ride, (I will be posting on that one today). It was a good thing, because it allowed me to work out some design changes I wanted to make to the frame. I should be able to get some work done this week.

Sorry, but you and a few other forum members have set the bar pretty high, so doing just a "vanilla mod", (motor/battery/controller upgrade). isn't good enough for me! To me, the purpose of the forum is to serve as an inspiration to push the boundaries a little more. :ugeek:
By robnewyork
i cannot recall the specs on the massive imperial shaft.. its either 3/4 or 7/8th diamter. either way we will need to scour for a 8mm sprocket close to fitting it..then bore it not sure if surplus center has 8mm sprockets..
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By zogthegreat
robnewyork wrote:so what are u gonna do about a sprocket for the imperial?
Err, I thought the 14 tooth could be bored out for it!? :o

I guess I will figure it out as I go!

BTW, this is a crude sketch of what I'm planning for the chain:


Since I don't have a lot of space back there and I need the motor to clear the brake caliper and I will need to remove the motor every 6 months when I change my location, I wanted to have a chain tensioner to make removing the motor easier. Now, though, I will have to wait until the "beast" motor arrives before making any other plans. Once I see how big it actually is, I can work out a design to mount it.
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By zogthegreat
OK, I'm finding 12 tooth and 16 tooth for 3/4 bore, however, (always with the howevers!!), they are for #35 chain. ... XQZ7dTl1zr ... SwEeFVQ7L5

I have some #35 chain and a #35 rear sprocket, (55 tooth I think), so I can at least get things going until I find a 8mm 3/4" bore drive sprocket to go with the 74 tooth 8mm rear sprocket.
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