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Yes, Motor seems to be handling the power fine!

I decided to keep the original vintage paint scheme. I don't really feel like tearing the entire thing down to paint so I just did some touch up on the battery tray which had some rust and I repainted the orange on the tank. Wetsanding and buffing got a nice finish on it.

I also installed the LED headlight. Twice as bright as stock and uses less power.
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The longest I've ridden the bike is about 4 miles which includes a 1 mile stretch going around 40mph. I don't have it tagged yet so I've been confined to around my neighborhood. There a few more things I want to do to make it more road worthy, LED headlight and taillight were worthwhile mods to be seen better. I want to do LED side markers, cool the battery compartment with fans, cell phone holder to use as a GPS speedometer, new tires, regear, then I'll get a tag for it and start commuting!

The commute would be a 2 mile stretch at 40mph (speed limit 35), the an easy 3 mile stretch at 35mph (speed limit 30). Traffic flows about 5mph over the speed limit. Legal top speed for a moped/scooter is 30 mph but I have friends with ungoverned Rukkus' and Zumas that can keep up with traffic and the local police never bother them.
By robnewyork
makes sense.. no one is gonna enforce the 30 when all the neew 50ccs do 37-40 mph.. as long as ur keeping up with traffic.. people in general are gonna wanna know what the hell the thing is though
By robnewyork
BADLY>> not that he was racing , but I was to the next stop sign wayy before him/. He just looked at me funny, i just said " its electric "// he didnt reply
By robnewyork
the funniest thing was the 50cc scooters used for food delivery in NYC.. id pass them all the time while they were topped out
Thats awesome, lol!

I found a nice flat grey metallic paint to paint my ammo cans/battery boxes. Compliments the orange better than the OD Green.
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Thanks! I'm waiting for the fans to come in before I paint the other box since I have to cut holes in it. I ran it with the lid off and the wires were much cooler.

The battery I'm using right now is a 48v 12aH Lipo. Its the battery pack out of the Pukka which has plenty of juice to last 2 days on the range. But the Charger is a hungry orange beast!

I did another test run last night to test battery consumption. On the main road by my house I let some cars go by and pulled in behind them. I caught up to them quickly then let off a little on the throttle and cruised behind them for about 1/2 mile before pulling off. Did the same going home. Traveled about 1 mile total. I like to gauge range by looking at an individual cell. I like to keep the battery cells between 4.1v charged and 3.4v discharged. So between 3.4 and 4.1 I have 8 "bars" (.1 volt being one bar). The distance I rode last night took up a little under 1 bar for 1 mile. (I started with 3.9v fresh off the charger and ended with 3.82v when I put it back on the charger). So I'm estimating a range of 8 miles. My office is 5 miles and I was driving it pretty hard during the test. This is with stock gearing. When I gear it taller it should help extend my run time at cruising speed.

I could extend range by topping off to a full 4.2 and discharging down to 3.0 if needed but its harder on the battery and they say it could reduce cycle life.

I haven't mentioned this but the Charger cruises very comfortably around 35-40mph. Very stable. Chassis feels like it could do over 50 without a problem.
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I have the lights/blinkers/horn/cooling fans all running of a separate small 4s 12aH lithium pack. Works well and keeps drain off my main pack for the motor. But its one more battery I have to charge. I'm thinking instead of using a 12aH SLA. Then I could wire in my 12v solar trickle charger without worrying about overcharging lithium batteries. Low maintenance. I could have one on the bike so it can be topping of while sitting outside my office. When its in my garage I could hookup to my larger solar panel system easily when I need to charge faster or hookup to another trickle charger i have setup outside.

All my scooters get charged with my solar panels. Although electricity is cheaper than gas, solar is cheaper than city electric! Plus its comforting to know when the zombie apocalypse hits and the grid goes down, I'll still have transportation!
By robnewyork
hahahaahaa.. true.. yes, a passive 12ah SLA would be nice.. No maintenance at all.. the mileage sounds good, i guess the gearing change will all depend on how often u need to go from 0-40 .. if its a straight trip the lighter gearing will help.. if its stop and go , perhaps not as much becasuse ur pushing more amperage to get rolling , in theory
yup, I agree. I haven't changed the gearing yet because I don't want to loose the acceleration! I only have 2 stop lights on the commute to work. Most of the time I can time it so I can get through one without stopping. I know gearing higher will make it a better commuter, but that takeoff!!! Stock gearing is 10/60, I was originally going to do 12/60. But I think I may just do 11/60 or 12/65 for a compromise.
By robnewyork
well, with the top speed so good already , its a hard compromise to make.. hell , if ya have the range as is , and it soulds like u do , may wanna keep it.. then again , 12-60 would put u in the 45 moh zone, speeding tickets inbound.. just carry a checkbook!
I decided to go 12/65 using a #35 chain. A friend is machining me a new rear sprocket. He has some CAD program that can do different sprocket pitches.

Other minor things I've done lately...Fans came in for the battery box but one was DOA. A chance you take when ordering cheap stuff from China! I'm waiting for a replacement to come in. I added some LED sidemarker lights and changed the battery running the lights and fans from a Lipo to a 7aH SLA 12v I had laying around. I soldered it to a cigarette lighter charge port to make it easy to hook up my 12v solar trickle charger. Its working well. Went on a 2.5mile ride last night and the battery was still at 12.8v. The trickle charger tops it off in a day. I think it only puts out .3aH but its enough to do the job without worrying about overcharging the battery.

I'm considering upgrading the controller to see if it will smooth out the rough start of the YK43b. At full throttle the YK works great. At partial throttle when taking off from a stop its stuttering. I'm looking at the Kelly KDS72200E. 200A peak, 120A continuous, 24-72V.
By robnewyork
interesting, certainly need picks.. the reason the yk43b is stuttering is usually the gearing drawing too much amperage , more than the batteries can push..When I ran the yk43b geared moderately with 18ah , never had the issue.. when I ran it at 12 ah , pretty emuch always had the issue after about 3 bursts from 0-20
Yeah, the Lipos I'm using are 10C constant and 20C peak. At 12aH that's only 120A constant . Which probably why the stutter at partial throttle. I just ordered another set of Lipos to take my total to 48v 24aH, so I'll have 240A available at all times. Should work better all around, longer run time and less strain on batteries in addition to delivering the power. I'll see how it works before ordering the controller.

Once I get the gearing done I'll do another top speed run. I hit 42mph a couple nights ago with stock gearing, so 45mph should do doable at 5.5:1 ratio vs 6:1.
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By robnewyork
wow, that looks great , and wayyy safer.. you are tied with my dune buggy as of now lol.. wont be for long.yes, the new batteries and more amperage should cure the stutter instantly
By robnewyork
also, the kellys while great for programming always push less amps than rated.. a guy here tested the 400amp last yr, wasnt impressed
Yes, I'm hoping I won't have to buy another controller if more aH cures the stuttering. I just hope my motor doesn't fry with the delivery of more amps! It will also be interesting what my final runtime will be with the larger battery and taller gearing. I'm estimating at least 10-12 miles based on my previous testing. That would be enough to get me to work and back which would simplify my charging procedure.
By robnewyork
yes, changing to the kelly would be expensive, slower , not to mention a pain in the butt./the 40 % control takeoff kills the fun , just my opinion..

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