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Found a non-running PUKKA and converted it to 36v 800w overvolted to 48v Lipos with a 90 tooth sprocket. Top speed isn't real high, maybe 16mph but it gets there really quick!
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By robnewyork
wow , looks like you have been really busy.. that looks awesome and the massive ammo can actually looks right at home .. nice work , hard act to follow
Thanks! that Pukka is fun to ride. A bit squirly at speed but very manuverable in tight spaces. The rear suspension works great on the range. With the tiny tires and gearing, its the fastest accellerating bike I have.
I didn't want to start a new thread so I'm putting this here since its related to shooting range vehicles. One of my shooting buddies who is a gear head decided to build his shooting cart from scratch! Things you can do with a welder! I've helped 3 more of my friends build shooting vehicles as well, 2 standups and another pocket mod. Its going to start looking like Mad Max at the range!!!!
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He was thinking gas with electric start but he's doing full electric now. Not sure what motor he's going to put in it. I don't expect it to be too exciting, he's an older gentleman so speed isn't his thing. He just want it to pull around 250lbs of weight.

Mad Max!!! I'm going to be on the lookout at Thrift stores for a feather headdress and buttocks-less chaps!
I told him about the gear reduction motor and he said he did his own. 14T on motor, 25T input on Jackshaft, 10T output on jackshaft, 40T on axle. He said it will go about 15mph but pulls strong.
By robnewyork
perfect.. when i made my citiglide with the 250 watt motor geared for a top speed of 8 , people were shocked to see it pull me up a steep driveway no problem.. I even had a 270lb friend ride it demo the power , he was shocked.
Ha! tough call. If it were just the rider I'd put my money on the Pukka. With the extra load and going uphill the cart may be more stable and handle the weight better. The Pukka pulls hard but it feels like the motor is overpowering the chassis. Most of the time its riding on the rear wheel with the front wheel just skimming the ground, thats what makes it fun to ride. It has a custom 90t sprocket.
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Family shot. Might have to sell a few to make room in the garage!

Front to back:
74 Aurenthetic Charger - Current project, Stock 24v motor running on 48v Lipos, street legal commuter.
E200 - 350w motor overvolted with 36v Lithium Ion, wide rear tire and custom stainless deck, when I want to travel light.
Pocket Mod - 1000w 48v motor overvolted with 52v Lithium Ion, setup for range use. The workhorse.
Pukka - 800w 36v motor overvolted on 48v Lipos, 90 tooth rear sprocket. Fun tiny range vehicle.

Not shown (under a tarp on the other side of the garage hidden from the wife):
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Update to the PUKKA Range Vehicle! I upgraded the rear motor to a Boma 48v 1800w brushless and installed an LED light. I'm working on an AWD system using an e300 rear freewheel hub wheel and leftover 350w motor. I'm using a separate 48v 500w controller for the front motor. I also have a 400w currie motor than I can test. The photo is just a proof of concept but it works well! My buddy is jetting me out a cleaner looking motor mount that he's going to weld to the front forks. The AWD system will be selectable from a DPDT switch. It can run automatic AWD (Hall signal wire spiced off the main throttle), run independent off of its own thumb throttle or be turned off completely. With the added traction and torque of the front motor combined with the bigger rear motor, the takeoff is incredible. I tested the front motor off the main 48v battery and it wasn't overheating in AWD mode, probably because most of the load was handled by the rear motor. The 2WD/AWD works really good in the sand and mud. The PUKKA has pretty small wheels. Before when trying to climb a big curb or berm the front would plow being pushed in by the rear. I usually wheelie over, to get over it. But with the AWD the front wheel grabs and pulls you over. Another benefit is redundancy. If one motor/controller fails out in the woods I have another that can get me home. I'll post an update once I put the new mount on and test some different gearing combinations.
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