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I have all the electronics from an eZip400 scooter, and they are in working condition, but removed from the scooter frame as the scooter itself was garbage.

I also have a completely stock, unmodified FP Dune Racer. I would like to gut the "engine bay" of the Dune Racer and replace it with a live axle (perhaps from a Razor drift kart?) powered by the Currie motor setup and 2 fresh batteries. It is just for a cruiser for my 6 year old (who is afraid of most "thrills"). We live in desert so cruising thru the dirt backyard is desired.

I know I need an axle. Does anyone have any suggestions for this?
I see ... hp?t=17702 there is a place for axle clamps to hold a live axle. I just need to know which one would be best to use. I see the two Razor axle sets are very affordable. Anyone know the axle diameter? Also, the wheels are very "tiny". Anyone know of a larger wheel that would fit on the Razor axle to fit the Dune Racer a little better?

Again, I have almost EVERYTHING from the scooter. Motor, harness, controller, wires, "throttle", sprockets, etc. I may need a longer chain than the one from the scooter depending where I am able to mount the motor in reference to the axle.

I am all ears! And if I missed a thread where someone did something very similar, please link me!!



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