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Hey guys!

I'm new to the hobby, but I picked up a razor e300 with dead batteries and possibly motor so I've decided to upgrade to go up to 30ish mph, last at least 5 miles, and go up hills. I'm hitting a few issues I could use some advice on.

I've already purchased 2 new batteries, Turnigy 3300mAh 5S 30C Lipo Pack w/XT-60, and I believe I will need a third one because 2 will produce 36.6v if my math is correct

I'd like to upgrade to an 1800w 48v brushless motor, and obviously I'd be getting the corresponding controller to go with it, but after research I believe I'm also going to need a new chain and rear sprocket as well, one that matches the teeth on the motor.

I have 3 questions, and I am not adept with engineering or anything electrical, so I appreciate your patience.

1: Batteries: I believe a 3rd battery will bring the voltage up to 54v, is there a better option to get the extra voltage or will a 3rd of the same solve the problem?

2. Motor: Is this even possible? I haven't seen anyone try this size motor on an e300 so I'm sure I will have to adjust baseboard in some way.

3. Chain and sprocket: What am I looking for here? Is there a number of teeth on the motor that I should look for, type of chain, type of sprocket, etc?

IS there a better way to achieve the results i want? Are there any other technical issues I've forgotten?

Any assistance at all would be greatly appreciated, and I apologize if any of this is stupid

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