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Hey everyone!

Although the Beast was a lot of fun, it's high center of gravity made it to dangerous to really open up the throttle and have any serious fun with. I stripped it down and decided to find a go-kart frame for it when I get out to Arizona next year.

(sigh) I wasn't planning a project for this winter, I have way to much to do. However.....I saw this at a yard sale and after convincing the owner to keep the 5hp gas motor, I snagged it for $40.00:


It has an 18x8.5 rear tire and the frame is solid with good quality welds. Right now I'm planning to put the motor from The Beast on it although in reverse of this pic:


I did a quick mock-up and I don't like the balance with the batteries in the rear.

I was raving about how much space I had with The Beast, I have even more with this thing! I will probably go with the same Kelly controller from The Beast, although I might spring the money for an actual YK43B. It has a brake disc on the right side, so I'll probably go with some type of hydraulic rear brake setup. I'm also thinking of both head and tail lights and maybe some hard side bags like these:


As always, I'm open to suggestions, comments and philosophical musings! :D

Let the build begin!

Quinc wrote:Kelly if you are worried about ride time. Or for straight power go with the YK.
LOL, yeah, decision, decisions! The Kelly is the "smart" choice for longer ride times, but that fat-arsed rear tire just screams "burn some rubber man!"

Quinc wrote:I have seen them as low as 40$ on ebay the last couple weeks.
Are they actual YK's or the knock-off CH43B's? Do you have a link?

This is how I'm planning the layout:


although I might mount the controller on the front down tube for aesthetics. I'm thinking something like this for a headlight:


And a speedometer like this:


along with a voltmeter and ammeter combo like these:


I'm also thinking of high-gloss black for the paint and getting rid of the gas tank, as it serves no useful purpose.
LOL, it's not my goal to make it street legal, I just want it to look cool. However, I think that the end result will be street legal. I'll just need to figure out how to get it up to highway speed...... :lol:

I think that the axle parts are for a go kart. It has a really beefy rear brake disc on it already. I was perusing eBay and I found hydraulic motorcycle calipers for $8.00 and a matched set of levers with master cylinders. ... 1436.l2649 ... 1436.l2649

I'll probably have to get a mountain bike hub with a disc mount if I want to mount a front brake, been a while since I re-spoked a rim. I'm looking for a 20" rim for a moped or motorcycle, but it's not a standard size for either. I might just skip a front brake, I will have to see.
:D :D :D :D :D

I scored on eBay yesterday morning! One of the 12v 18ah SLA's that I was planning to use on this project somehow or other shorted out on my trip from Montreal to Florida, (I live full time in a 36' motorhome these days, I'm originally from California and -30 SUCKS!!!). So I went on eBay to peruse for new SLA's. I was looking at $120.00 with shipping for 4 new batteries and I thought that I would check and compare the price of lithium's when I found this:

:D :D :D :D :D :D

I couldn't afford it this month, (I just spent $1000.00 on gas!), but I really couldn't not afford it! A BMS isn't that hard to repair/replace and the entire pack only weighs 8 lbs! Each 12v 18ah SLA comes in at 12.5 lbs, so I'm losing 40 lbs of batteries!

Which means I have to change my design plans. I was going to go for a "retro" look, but now I'm thinking something sleeker and futuristic. I really have to wait for the battery to arrive next Monday and see what I'm dealing with. One thought that I'm having is to disassemble the pack and build a faux gas tank to hold the batteries, (although, since the batteries are my "fuel", is it really a faux tank?).

Now I'm thinking something like this:

although these e-motorcycles have some nice gauges also:

(you have to scroll through the pic on the second link)

So now I have to go through the frustration of waiting for Santa, (i.e. the USPS), to bring me my toy before I can make any more design plans!
I got some work done on the frame today. There are a lot of holes from what appears to be two different gas tanks, as well as several others that I can't figure out what they were for:


I welded them up and cut off the fugly arsed repair job someone did on the foot pegs:


OK, I'm not the worlds greatest welder, but seriously? Whoever did this didn't even clean up the left over mig wire! Then I went at the paint with a wire brush attached to my angle grinder and a flap disk:


And then some black primer to keep it from rusting while I figure out my design plans:



The axle was a PITA to get out. One of the worm screws is rusted in. I tried using a propane torch, but that didn't work, so I'm going to drill out the center of the screw and try to use an easy-out to get the rest. I'm hoping to save the mount to reuse.

You lucky SOB! Great score on that battery! Also what are you doing for paint on the frame? I will be doing a shifter kart soon and trying to figure out something other then powder coating.. (300$ and I have to prep it..)
Well, it was a good news/bad news day today. The good news is that my battery pack came in!


These are Lifepo4 cells, not the Li-Ion the seller had advertised, but that part doesn't really matter to me:


They are also flat cells, not the 18650's that I was expecting, but once again, not a problem.

They problems is I was told on Endless-Sphere that my motor will fry the batteries! Not good! So that leaves me the following choices:

1 - Install a 20a fuse to protect the batteries and hope for the best.

2 - Change the motor for something that will be large enough to move the chopper, but won't damage the batteries. Save "The Beast" for a go kart frame like I originally planned.

3 - Save the battery pack for another project and buy some SLA's.

Grrrr! I had a really cool design worked out that depended on these batteries! (sigh), Back to the drawing board again!
Quinc wrote:You lucky SOB! Great score on that battery! Also what are you doing for paint on the frame? I will be doing a shifter kart soon and trying to figure out something other then powder coating.. (300$ and I have to prep it..)
LOL, right now, I don't know. I had a really great design worked out based on the F-117 Stealth Fighter:



Think of this without the wings or tail. I was going to make a mold for the fuel tank and cast it with carbon fiber cloth. Flat, angular. I had even planned to do air intakes to keep the batteries cool. With matching front and rear fenders. I was going to paint the frame flat black like you see on the Dodge Chargers.

(sigh) Now I have to decided if I want to drop the money on a new motor. I really want to use "The Beast", it has the power to move the heavy frame of the chopper.

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
No, I'll keep the batteries, I'm supposed to be picking up an E300 this week that I saw on Craigslist, so I'll use them for that.

Although I am disappointed, I spent most of the day sulking like a little kid thinking "I'm just going to drop a $100.00 Harbor Freight Predator 212 5hp gas motor on it and sell it off"!

I'll probably go with my original idea of 4 x 12v 18ah SLA's. I'll use "The Beast", but with a YK43B instead of the Kelly. I'll probably go ahead with the rear swing arm also.

I'm going to go suck my thumb now! :mad:

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