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By hnstndrsn
So I had this old dirt bike mini moto chassis with no engine or plastics and also had two of these old but barely used brushed motors lying about, I have wondered for years if these motors had any usable power or not but never bothered finding out..

until recently when I decided to buy the cheapest brushed controller I could find to test it out, it was only 1000w and lasted around 30 minutes lol but whilst it lasted it worked pretty well! acceleration wasn't the best but once past 5-10mph the acceleration was great up to around 30 mph and was really surprised at this old motor.

I want the bike just for when out camping/ field use, doesn't need long run times just to get across a few fields etc

If anyone can recommend a half decent but reasonably priced brushed controller capable of 48v 2000-3000w that would be really helpful, I have been looking this controller ... p-282.html

but have no idea if it is compatible or reliable but seems to be a decent rating and not too pricey..

Any help is greatly appreciated! :D
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