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So I want to build up this old piece of junk rolling chassis for use whilst camping/ field use etc its tiny and can fit in the camper easily but needs to be quite so electric is the way to go!

I already had two of the old brushed motors and had always wanted to know if they were of any use or not so picked up a dirt cheap 1000w 48v controller and two 6s 6600mah lipos and gave it a test run! surprisingly these old motors pull reasonably well! The acceleration is poor up to 5 mph but after that really pulls nicely up to 25-30ish mph which is more than enough to get about on.

only thing is the controller blew which I really knew it would but it lasted long enough to prove the motor, only thing is I don't want to spend a massive amount on a brushed controller as I'd even be half tempted to build this thing brushless :D :D

I was looking at this brushed controller ... p-282.html
which seems reasonably priced and a good rating but have no idea of the reliability of them, are they useable with a normal hall throttle? if anyone knows anything about this controller or can recommend another cheap controller in the 48v 2-3000w range that would be great!

If I was to convert it to brushless instead I was looking at these motors but have no idea if it would be powerful enough to pull me around, I understand brushless motors are far more powerful for their size and weight and even though this is 6kw would it still have ample torque to run direct drive to the rear wheel? it seems physically pretty small. ... 0kv-6000w/

I was predicting to run 12s/50v with this motor in 150kv motor and 11 tooth front sprocket and 64 rear(6-1 ratio?) and a 12 inch tyre which should give me around 33mph I think , does this sound feasible for this motor? will it have enough torque to accelerate from standstill easily with direct drive?

Sorry for the long post any help greatly appreciated ! :D

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