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By Subsurface
Hi Yawl!
I found this forum in a google search for other nuts like me who might have modded a Monster Moto E-1000. I saw OFFROADSCOOT's AWD build, and I just HAD to join and share in the fun!

So, This starts off with me seeing an electric mini bike at Home Depot just before Christmas last year. I couldn't get it off of my mind... the next time I visited Home Depot, they had one marked down to $199.00. Heck, I can't even buy a FRAME for that cheap, let alone a whole minibike, so I brought it home with me. I did need a little minibike for bringing along camping, and going to the mailbox and stuff.

I have a strange delusion that I could run the world on Ryobi tool batteries. So project one was to see if I could replace 50lbs. of batteries with something much lighter. I gutted one of those multi-chargers to get the battery mounts. I simply wired each pair of Ryobi batteries in series to get the 36 Volts, then wired the pairs together in parallel to get more amp hours. Plus, sharing the load across 4 batteries instead of just two is better for the cells. I definitely get more distance with 4 batteries than running off of 2 until the die, then plugging in another pair. I can get about 5-6 miles out of a set of 4AH batteries.

I was hoping I could get someone to give me suggestions on getting some more speed. I'd like to add another pair of batteries, to make 54 volts but I dont know if the stock controller can do that or not. If not, then I'd like a suggestion about what controller to get. I'm also open to suggestions about different sprockets, etc.

Thanks for any advice!

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Welcome to the forum! Yes, about 6 months back Walmart had a close out on these as well. Craigslist and FB marketplace was full of them for around $200-$250. I've built at least 4 others for friends. Some with Lipos, but most with Li-on 36v hoverboard batteries. The Riobi Li-on batteries seems like a good solution as well since you have other Riobi tools!

I run the stock controller on 12s (48v) Lipos with no problem. But not sure if it will handle 54v. You could take apart the controller and see what FETs are in it though. Or just try it and see if it burns up, then buy a new one. Most controllers run in multiples of 12, ie: 24v, 36v, 48v, 60v, 72v. 54v might be overvoltage for a 48v controller or undervoltage for a 60v controller. You can find brushed controllers on eBay. Not sure the stock 36v motor will hold up overvolted past 48v though since I've never tried it that high.

Best/safest bet would be to do 48v Lipo or Lithium then get the rest of your speed mechanically through gearing. A larger front and/or smaller rear sprocket will give you more top speed with a slight hit on acceleration. An alternative would be to swap out the motor and controller to a 1800w or 2000w brushless.

The chain and sprockets for the MM1000 is #35, very common for gas minibikes so you should be able to find a rear sprocket for not much money.

Have fun!
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