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By aidanworthington
Hello all this is my latest project
The Hill Killer Scooter

Iv changed the gear ratio
allso fabricated a new rear mudgard/motor mount/ply wood deck
and fitted a new 50/100 amp kelly controler (without pri charge resistor or contactor)
any questions please ask :)

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By aidanworthington
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Hello about 25mph and it gets there quick
with this ratio 11/64 it gives the motor a chance to rev all the way there for it is more effecient
than the original gearing with better acceleration.
I guess when they desined the scooter one of the selling points was a top speed of 33
I weigh 14 stone (no im not fat im a 6ft tall 31 year old engineer) and there is no chance of hitting its top
speed so i geared it down and its a lot more fun
By robnewyork
ironically, most electric scooters lack one thing , torque!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its a sad state of affairs.I weigh 12 stone so your fatter than me lol(-'
By robnewyork
really most scooters are set to carry an 80 lb child , regardless of the advertised features. the major problem is they install strong motors (1000watt ) and then run them on no amperage controllers (30amp) for longevity and warranty purposes.People are always amazed when they run 100 amps to their 1000watt motors
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By aidanworthington
thanks for the coments
When i ordared my new controler i fort i might as well do a shunt mod to the original as i waited.
The shunt mod worked fine( +%20 extra as a guess )and gave a good improvment BUT i forgot to change the original fuse (35amp) the strange thing is the shunt mod didnt blow the fuse even on a hill so this makes me think how low was the original ampage set.I would make a guess it was set around the 23amp mark 830watt or lower what a let down. Thinking about it the scooter was advertised as a 1000w scooter we only assume that the controler is the same i guess
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By aidanworthington
The controler says on it 28 amp max 1000w. I just think (this controler/my)it is more like 23 amp .The build quility of the original controler was very poor for example the shunts were cut by hand and not even level with the board and the resistors were all over the place (not a gold band in site not even on the logic side)it allmost looked old school or assembled by a someone in a hobby shop. so im not all that supprised if its a few amp out. If the controler was a true 28 amp id expect my shunt mod to pop the fuse as i set it %25 higher than standard. Im very accurate on my shunt mods and iv done atleast 8 in the last 12 months i use the cross/sectional area of the original shunt and increase it by a percentage ( Iv got a good selection of new shunt wire in a few different sizes mm and inches which i can cut to size)

If you dont mind me asking
Why is wattage a silly controler rating
as i understand it when these type of controlers hit a priset power output they back down the frequency a bit untill
the correct power output is reached.I do understand that a 1000w motor underload could pull a lot more power more like 1800w for example thats why i got the kelly.(Have i just answered my own question lol)
Here is a ramdom question for you what is better a under powerd 1000w motor or a overpowerd 750w (both using the same controler 1000w)
By robnewyork
well the wattage ratings on the chinese controller is silly.. they dont make sense.. My yk43b is rated at 1000 watts also , yet its set for 60 v 100 amps.. thats 6000watts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not to mention when tested it will push 146amps , now were so far away from 1000watts it makes no sense..
I dont understand the last question but a 750watt fed 50 amps will dust a 1000watt fed 25, given all other variables are the same , and yes , ive tested it.. Now were they run on identical controllers, hmmmm, id say you would be hard pressed to know which motor it was.
(Have i just answered my own question lol) """ Yes, in a sense, ampflow motors tested a 350watt motor at 24volts and pulled 100 amps for a short while , which means a 350watt fed the conditions will pulll 2400 watttS! So what a 1000 will under load run on an alltrax or curtis , probably 5000watts for split seconds, even at rated voltages.
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By aidanworthington
Sounds like you know your stuff
I guess at the end of the day it all depends on efficency/power of the motor and the size of the battery pack
my scooter only has a 36v 12ah battery pack so a amp limit does come in handy for those long trips.
Thats one of the reasons why i got the mini kds kelly controler it gives you the option of a half power swich and a totaly ajustable setup via a pc program very nice . The controler even lets you set the acceleration ramp, type of input ie 10k varible resistor or a hall effect throttle, and some thing called voltage manipulation which stops the scooter from slowing down due to voltage drop all good stuff
I dont understand why kelly have such a bad reputation
By robnewyork
me neither, i think the kellys are sooo cool! id love to get one but need to buy a massive baattery pack to run my newly constructed go kart (see projects 3.6hp)
it basically wouldnt run right on 12ah, but on 24 ah it came to life.. the batteries simply couldnt deliver the amperage neeeded for any period of time.. Now with kelly id be able to hack in and make adjustment for efficiency but with the chinese stuff its just swinging at the fences.. granted , the yk43b is the most powerful controller commonly sold at the hobbyist level under 100 bux, but having adjustability is priceless.. please take a screeen shot when the kelly is uploading data, would love to see the layout.
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By aidanworthington
I have to say its the easyist programable controler iv ever used
They even supplied the cable free of charge that should of cost me $24 happy days
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By aidanworthington
The controler program is the same for all controlers
it uses percentages to set thingts up
so a 100amp controler set at 50 amp max will be set at %50 and so on

The controler i used is the mini kds its the size of a can of coke but can handle 100 amps
(they go all the way up to 200amp so i might invest in another one for my next project)

Iv just purchased 4 18.5v 10ah lipo4 10c rc batteries and 2 45amp bms so i can build a 36v 20ah lipo (the same size as a lunch box). With the bms fitted to the batteries i only need a standard 2 wire charger 42v for easy charging
I carnt work out why people still use a rc charger when using these type of batteries when you can fit them with a bms instead and save all the hassle
By robnewyork
the karts done , rides like a dream , we hit 30 but ran out of runway, but needless to say we dont have enuff or big enuff batteries to run it .. it simple kills 12ah in about 3 mins of light riding , rode great at 24 ah but thats a lot of money for 60v 24ah.
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By maurtis
Nice, looks like you do some great work! I cannot wait until I get a welder for Christmas and start working on some really cool stuff :)

Do you have any updated videos/info on your 15kw ebike build? The progress you made in video 1 was amazing, hats off to your handiwork!
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By aidanworthington
Its all put together just havent had time to made a video yet
the parts iv used are 4 23ah lead acid batteries , an etec motor , alltrax 400 amp controler and all the bits to get it going, the only thing left to do is to modify some frount suspension forks for the extra weight. il get it done one day
im just concentrating on other projects at the moment

If your getting a welder make sure its a mig
dont get a stick trust me its a lot of hard work
and not all that neat
Allso get a light activated welding mask and a good angle grinder and a endless supply of 1mm cutting disks
then let the creativity begin
By robnewyork
ADRIAN, u do some sick work , u should really look at industrial motors like leeson for your scooter , especially with the kelly controller, they smoke the unite motors all day in every category , even efficiency it seems.. check out the leeson pocket mod in projects, u have the fabrication skill.Now the 3.6 is overkill without lipos but thats a first..

i love the 250 watt rc buggy, i bet it would climb a wall.
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By aidanworthington
up for sale now interested £400 uk only
over 1100 spent

sold now for the full asking price
customer was super happy with the performance
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