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By zen_racer
been wanting a "last mile" ride for awhile, plus something that won't get me a police stop like cruising around a razor pr200 would do. wanted to go hub motor and lighter weight than the x500 so did some homework and decided to go with this:


the specs factored into the decision but i found out the specs are wrong :lol:

- 500 watt hub motor
- 48 volt 12 ah lithium battery
- Max speed 27 mph
- 31 miles per charge
- Charges in 6 - 8 hrs

in reality, mph should be replaced by km/h and 31 miles per charge should be 31 km per charge. after the first full charge i was hitting 18mph on the gps, but mostly seeing 16-17mph. no complaints w torque though.

based on the user manual i think e-scooter is the OEM. there isnt any Go-Bowen branding anywhere. i'm seeing near identical versions from Mototec, Monorover, Inokim, etc which i believe are also manufactured by e-scooter.

no out of the box issues or shipping damage. the build quality seems decent enough. here's the lockbolt which differs from the lever used in the Mototec.


only thing i had to do was adjust both disks to get rid of some rubbing:



also had the throttle start sticking but got that cleaned up. the display is just adequate though, wish it had more features and a different layout:


also wish that the hub motor was running a larger wheel. already had to repair a flat on the rear:


i do prefer the deck space compared to the x500, a bit longer and narrower. rides more like a longboard:


its easier to fold down than the x500 and lighter, but not by much which is a surprise consider the different batts. overall i'm satisfied for now, though i do see some upgrades down the road lol

- handles great
- easy fold down
- good range so far
- decent torque

- wish it had regen braking
- no suspension
- display is bare-bones, no digital speed read-out, no voltage readout, no battery cell status, no clock, etc
- low top speed

i'll update this post periodically or if anything changes. questions or comments please feel free...

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By zen_racer
i didnt pay $600 so i honestly don't know.

what should a $600 scoot have? been seeing some big name athletes and celebrities in the news riding on high dollar scoots.

i've never ridden one. i looked at the ecoreco going for over a grand and wondering what that experience is like too.
By robnewyork
how much did u get it for ? i forget or u never mentioned it.. i see scooters online that are 1500 bux and the reviews suck so it varies.. for that amount i can build a scooter that will far exceed all specs of the ones online.
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By zen_racer
robnewyork wrote:how much did u get it for ? i forget or u never mentioned it.. i see scooters online that are 1500 bux and the reviews suck so it varies.. for that amount i can build a scooter that will far exceed all specs of the ones online.
i picked this up for $519. for that amount i started pricing parts and labor to see if i could come up w/ a DIY cheaper solution.

torque/speed/range can all be had for cheap. where things get pricey is when you put a weight limit on it. do you think there's a build out there for less than $500, weighs less than 40lbs with the same range as this scoot?
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By zen_racer
awhile back i pointed out to the seller that the advertised specs were off. the seller checked with the manufacturer and confirmed that the ebay specs were not converted from km to miles.

wasnt happy about that since i based my purchase off bad specs, so after a few email exchanges we worked out some compensation which arrived yesterday:


the original pack has less than 30 cycles, so this one might end up in another build...
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By zen_racer
30 cycles is probably generous... since i picked it up in Dec it gets 2-3 overnight charges per month.

top speed isnt what i was hoping for but one thing this scoot has is range. my neighborhood has alot of hills too so that's probably what's impressed me most, long range and the motor doesnt feel hot to the touch at all.

i've taken it out for quick runs to the mall, to pick up my lunch, thrown it in the trunk so i can get home when i drop off the car to get new tires. light weight and range makes it an easy reach.

cant say the same about my 1000w scoot pushing 100lbs total weight. wouldnt try it with any modded razor, i'd just run out of juice if i dont get pulled over by the cops first :lol:
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By zen_racer
that wasnt me, unless you're thinking about the kollmorgen brushless motor i picked up for a pocket bike build?
By fbirch
To the OP: Now that you've had this scooter for 1.5 years, I'd be interested to hear your feedback on long term reliability. I'm currently trying to talk myself into a Mototec Rover 500W, which I believe is a duplicate of your Go-Bowen Rover. I've seen multiple online sellers offering the Mototec for $599. Interestingly, every single website is still showing the incorrect specs - km values are mislabeled as miles.
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By zen_racer
been busy lately, sorry for the late reply... so after over 2 yrs of ownership i'm still riding this around with no complaints. i've had to replace the rear tube twice and had to replace the throttle/display assembly after i took a bad spill and cracked it.

other than that everything's going well, still riding around on the same battery pack with no noticeable performance issues riding or charging.

i see how similar models are using the 350w hub motor but unless you dont care about speed i'd stick with the 500w versions...

Speaking of keeping controller wires in their orig[…]