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By SpaceKaseJase
Finally pulled the trigger. Total cost was $102! Unfortunately won't get all the parts until Aug 22nd. Will be asking advice on wiring help at that time. Until then, I appreciate the advice gentlemen.

By Laundrydude
I copied this from a controller I have:
Wires Interface Definition
Battery :Thick Black (Power Negative) /Thick Red (Power Positive)
Motor :Thick Yellow (Motor Negative) /Thick Blue (Motor Positive)
Ignition Switch :Thin Red(VCC)/Thin Blue
Indicator : Thin red (Indicator power output) /thin black (indicator negative)
Brake :thin yellow (Brake signal)/thin black(Negative Power)
Speed governor :Thin blue(Speed handlebar Signal input) /Thin black (Negtive Power) /thin red(5V Positive Power)
Charge Port : Thin red (charge input power Positive) /thin black (Power negative)
Brake Light: Thin red (power Positive) /thin black (Power negative)
Sport: Thin yellow /thin green
By SpaceKaseJase
Thanks for the help. Still waiting for my throttle. Had to completely remake the wire harness for the batteries since the old one was a hack job. Pleased with how it's turned out so far. I was thinking about drilling holes in the stock motor caps to help with cooling once I start overvolting. Want this thing to last if possible (though it's a gen 1). Do you think that will make a difference?
By SpaceKaseJase
So got everything working as stock, and it is plenty fast for me. Overvolting to 36v should be more than enough, so I'm very pleased so far. However, I do not have a circuit breaker or fuse installed Apparently, the previous owner took it out. Should I put one back in? If so, would a fuse or a breaker be better, and which one should I use?
By rhyoo
Hi Space,

Believe me there's no limit for asking a question here. We are very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly forum dedicated to e-scooter mods. I got here only few months ago, at that time I didn't even know what overvolt is lol. But with their guidance I managed to did my first light mods of e300, and my last successful project was e-scooter with brushless motor, vesc, and lipo battery that I really love.

But at the same time, we're also a very small group that most of the question is answered by our Rob, laundydude, and few people only.
Sadly members that gained a knowledge and successfully did the mods didn't participate or share the info to the other new members.

For circuit breaker or battery disconnect switch, basically you have 2 inexpensive yet reliable options. One is 200A max and the other one is 100A. The 200A is more robust and has key ... Qq&vxp=mtr. The big drawn is they're big and clunky. So unless you're running a high amp and high voltage, I would recommend you to 2nd option that I personally use which is 100A. ... e2&vxp=mtr

The size is notably smaller and more compact. I use it on my 10s lipo system (around40v), 60A with no problem at all and very reliable. If I were you I'll buy this one unless you really need that key for security reason.
Here's mine on my scooterImage
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By rhyoo
Those for the battery disconnect.
For the fuse, the one that's come with the e300 is not a good can throw that out and buy from ebay if you want for a better quality, and they're really cheap. May I know how many amps is your controller pushing? My guess would be a fuse between 40-50A
However if I'm in your shoes, I won't bother to protect that original 24v 250w motor with fuse. As soon as you hit the throttle on the hill you'll hit the limit. I will run it till it dies and get the bigger one, and when you invest on bigger motor you can install the fuse, or better the programmable controller that you can set the max amp draw to protect your motor so you don't have to install the fuse.

By rhyoo
Regarding biggest challange with e300 is not to make it fast. I could install a big brushless motor with high voltage, use my exist lipo, sprocket that Rob did for me, and could hit 30-45mph easily.
The biggest challenge is to make it stop aka "break system". Those crappy drum brake isn't enough when you run it above 20mph. Once my stretched e300 done, I might gamble and bought ezip 400 front fork so I can install front disc brake.
The 2nd problem is also that the wheel that we have on e300 is too small for high speed, and shorter wheel base also doesn't help at all. After I ride my 12 inches wheel on my s500 I could feel the big difference
By SpaceKaseJase
Thx for the help, rhyoo. I wasn't trying to bag on anyone--just lightheartedly seeing if anyone was still helping me. I do realize I ask questions ad nauseum. Since my throttle finally came in, I'm eager to assemble my scooter and get going. I don't want to wait for another part from eBay, ergo I will take your advice and leave it out. I'm putting some money aside for when I inevitable fry the motor. Which leads me back to my previous question: would it be worth it to drill holes in the stock motor for help with cooling?
By rhyoo
It definitely help with cooling your motor. With the additional help of force air induction or installing the's the next best thing after liquid cooling IMO. Worth it or not it's up to you. If you do it yourself, and you have the skills to make it happen you can go for it. If you don't have the access to machine shop and you have to spend money to do it, I'll say forget it. That stock motor is just for temporary, eventually it would give up, and you have to move on with the bigger and stronger one.

By rhyoo
Ic, so go for it. The trade off is that the dirt and dust would be possible to get inside the motor especially I'm assuming you still mount it on the bottom of body frame.
Which battery did you ended up with? Many people would steer you away from lipo as your first modding experience because of the safety and convenience factors, but in the future if you want to build another one, lithium is the way to go in my opinion. Less weight, less voltage sagging, you can easily move it from one ride to another, and most importantly the advantages of size to power ratio. Yes it's expensive, but for long run it's worth it.
By SpaceKaseJase
I'm doing the 3 SLA, 36v, 9ah overvolt. Was thinking about mounting the third battery in front of the battery box. Trying to fig out how to secure it. Maybe with metal straps wrapped around the metal support bars underneath.
By SpaceKaseJase
Was thinking about going that route, but it's cheaper to buy a few large hose clamps and secure the batt to the front--if only for a temporary fix until I can decide if/when I want to raise the deck.
By SpaceKaseJase
So excited to go out and try this thing--hopefully this weekend. Now my daughter is jealous and doesn't like her e150 anymore because it's too slow ;)

I am anticipating the motor not lasting very long, as I've read in many posts. So when it inevitably goes to the great scooter park in the sky, should I purchase another 24v motor with greater watts, or just go with a 36v? Will a newer 24v motor last longer than the stock one? I like the speed of overvolting, but the reliability of not overvolting.
By rhyoo
If you go with 36v you'll need another battery (4 12v battery) to keep it overvolted at 48v. The most common and reccomended motor is 36v 800w which is $70. Second one is 36v 1000w which cost around $130
If you decide to stay at 24v, currie sells 24v 900w, but those are pricey ($160+)
By SpaceKaseJase
Ouch! Definitely too pricey for me. I assume the price is due to it's ability to overvolt without frying. If I go 36v motor without overvolting, I know that would slow it down, but would the upside be greater torque or longer run time? What about these motors? ... path=52_55
I would be willing to part with around $50 (which puts me back at around 250w). Would that also not last very long with 36v?
By rhyoo
Those motor still not fry-proof. Hence you'll need to put the fuse and becareful with pushing the big amp.
Staying 36v system with 36v motor would actually gives you more range than overvolt. Yes top speed would be back to normal 15-17mph. Torque is depends of how many amp you deliver to the motor.
Not by meaning of hijacking the thread for my personal gain, but I'm selling my brand new never use 36v motor with brand new controller if you interested. I'll give you big discount since I won't use them, I'm all set with brushless system.
By SpaceKaseJase
I am interested, but I definitely want to see how long my rig lasts before I make another purchase. If you already have a buyer, go ahead and sell it. If/when my stock motor craps out on me and you still have your set, I will definitely look you up. Can you give me a ballpark as to the discount? I've still got some money left after this upgrade, but I need to save some of it. If you don't feel comfortable telling me atm, I understand.
By SpaceKaseJase
The 36v overvolt was a huge success! Props goes out to the three of you for helping me with this project. That thing is a monster! Unfortunately, the motor gets very hot, so I know it's not going to last. Sorry for not posting pics as I do not have an account with a pic host. Special thanks to rhyoo for contacting me and offering a good deal on motor upgrade.
By SpaceKaseJase
Thanks, guys. when rhyoo's 36v 800w motor comes, I will mount it where the original motor goes, but keep it at 36v to see if longevity and torque increases (not speed, obviously). My current setup lasts about 20 min before significant slowing down. Eventually, I will get a 4th batt and strap it to the other side. Long term is to stretch the chassis out to fit all four 12v 9ah batts underneath for stability. At this point, I will need a disk braking system, and a new 48v charger. Will also have to move the switch back to the batt box or mound it somewhere on the column, perhaps. I prefer a toggle switch over the rocker one.
By SpaceKaseJase
That's alright, bud. I haven't got my 4th batt yet. Just want to see the performance on my 36v with the new motor first. If you have a spare 48v charger you're willing to part with, I'll email you when I'm ready to go that route.
By SpaceKaseJase
I think I am finally done with the upgrade! With the 36v 800w motor on 36v batteries, it seems just as fast as the overvolted 24v. I am so happy! it's also got quite a bit of torque, and hopefully it will last longer than the 24v overvolt. Unfortunately, flattening the frame tube to allow the big motor to fit underneath created a slight tweak to the frame so the back wheel canters a bit (See pic). Tried hammering the back, left plate, but to no avail. My neighbor is going to help me get it back in shape. Still rides great. Adding another batt will make it go too fast for me, so maybe later down the line. All that's left to do is some cosmetic upgrades like paint and a wood deck. This thing rocks!! I can't thank you guys enough. Instead of spending $200 on a brand-new, slower e300, I spent about $130 and created a beast with the throwaway scooter.

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