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By SpaceKaseJase
Hello there--hailing from N. California. Been browsing this website for awhile looking for hints/tips on upgrading an e300s someone was getting rid of. I have no expertise in this area, but my neighbor wants to upgrade his as well. He's trusting me to obtain the correct knowledge and parts. I do enjoy fixing, tinkering, repurposing, and improving various kinds of devices from cell phones to appliances. This hobby is right up my alley. Looking forward to getting sound advice from experts (and the occasional noob).
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By robnewyork
well , the common beginners mod is the 36 v mod.. this will involve 3 new batteries, making space for them , a new controller , 36v charger , a hall throttle and thats about it.. this will change nothing but the top spped , which will be about 21.5 mph
By SpaceKaseJase
Thanks for the quick reply. That's what I was considering. What about upgrading motor to 36v 500w? I'm about 208 lbs. Can I still reach that speed w the stock motor or should I upgrade that as well. I've got roughly $250 to put into this. Btw, this thing barely moves with me on it as it is, so I'm pretty sure the batts are shot. Will have to get 3 new ones.
By robnewyork
well the torque is a combo of the gearing , and amps the controller can push.. So , the 36v mod would not help move you.. you would need to dramatically increase the amperage, or , change the gearing to an 80 tooth rear,.So , when getting an e300 to push 200 lbs up hill , its certainly not plug and play.. the 500 watt motor wont make enough of a difference. if you can mount the 500watt, you can mount this , possibly above the deck. ... SwWKtUvb0P ... SwU-pXslD1 ... uct_id=180 ... lyp55VlBag

i think this combo with stock gearing would be a huge difference in torque, but the top speed would still be 15 mph, not 20.
By SpaceKaseJase
Awesome! I'm more concerned about top speed. I have no problem "kick starting" it if necessary. 15 mph seems a little slow. I have no problem modifying the deck to hold the batts or top mounting the motor. What do you recommend for this kind of speed? You are a tremendous help, btw. I did post in the speed forum thinking I'd get help there. Did not expect to get any in the intro forum, so your advice is a welcome surprise. Again, I'm on a $250-$300 budget. I hope it's adequate.
By robnewyork
ok , so above, instead of 3 15 ah batteries get 4.. ( 48v ) and then get a 48 v controller and charger. the same motor will be used , and this should give u top speed of 20 mph even

controller ... uct_id=185

charger ... Da&vxp=mtr

4 15 ah batteries cheap as dirt @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ ... Sw4CFYqMnQ
By SpaceKaseJase
Budget-wise that works. Unfortunately, the set of 4 ridiculously cheap batteries are the only one, so either me or my neighbor will lose out, lol. No big. Looks like $100 shud get 4 of those batts outside of that auction. My other neighbor's brand-new e300 goes about 15 mph stock with 200 lb adult in it. It's $250. wonder why that is.
By robnewyork
newer batteries, it might be a 65 TOOTH model ( rear sprocket ) , bunch of variables, the biggest being the batteries. i didnt know you were building 2 scooters.
By robnewyork
well , along with the bigger rear sprocket comes lower top speed.. for example the 80 tooth rear sprocket gives good acceleration on the 300, but top speed would be 10mph.. No free energy, thats for sure.
By robnewyork
chaances are, the reason his moves well is the new batteries and non defective controller.. about half of all e300 controllers are somewhat defective.. either in range , or power,, or both..
By SpaceKaseJase
That could be why my stock one wasn't hardly going anywhere. It's a first edition btw. I did see a video of someone heavier than me ride a 48v 1000 w e300 at about 16 mph (yeah, the green one--i'm sure you've seen it). It looked pretty fast to me, so maybe 20+ mph is a lot to ask (maybe too much). If you think the 48v setup could place me somewhere near 20 mph, then it's totally worth it--provided I find a way to mount all 4 SLAs. Perhaps if I top-mount the motor, I could fit another battery below it.
By SpaceKaseJase
First of all, thanks for doing some footwork in locating parts for me. You go above and beyond. After close inspection of the battery listing on eBay, I noticed that they did not appear new as was mentioned in the description (one of the leads appears corroded), so I asked a question about them to the seller. Awaiting response.

This poses a problem, since they are so cheap. If I want to continue with the 48 v upgrade, looks like I'm going to have to spend over $100 on the batteries alone. So If I decide to go with the 36v upgrade option, (upgrading the controller to 36v, buying 3 new 12v 15a batteries) but keep the stock motor and gearing, what kind of speed/run time do you think I would be looking at? Should I upgrade the motor to 36v as well?
By robnewyork
well, if the stock motor survives the 36v upgrade, the top speed will be about 22mph.. the torque wont change .. changing the motor to 36 v also will bring you back to 15mph
By robnewyork
would change both.. gearing is a constant.. so u change it for more speed, you will lose torque, change for more torque, u lose top speed.If it sounds like a great idea, chances are were back to the free energy thing. (-;
By SpaceKaseJase
Sorry for coming back to you with more questions. Just want to do this right the first time. Otherwise, mistakes become costly. Believe me, I have spent hours researching this upgrade, but you have given me them most direct answers. Thanks again.
By SpaceKaseJase
Looks like the 36v is best bet budget-wise. You mentioned earlier that the 36v 500w motor won't really move me above 15 mph but with the proper gearing, the torque could handle my weight. You also mentioned that the stock motor might not be able to handle the excess voltage and might not last. What if I bought a 24v, 500w motor and overvolted that? Would that give higher top speed? Would overvolting that wear it out just as the stock would?
By robnewyork
SpaceKaseJase wrote:Looks like the 36v is best bet budget-wise. You mentioned earlier that the 36v 500w motor won't really move me above 15 mph but with the proper gearing, the torque could handle my weight. You also mentioned that the stock motor might not be able to handle the excess voltage and might not last. What if I bought a 24v, 500w motor and overvolted that? Would that give higher top speed? Would overvolting that wear it out just as the stock would?
happy 4th , yes it would be the same questionable result.. ur still overvolting , so why not just do it to the stock 24v motor and see how it goes , no need to smoke a new motor.. might as well smoke the cheaper 250watt. heck , it may run fine,.
By SpaceKaseJase
So I'm back with another question since I can't seem to make up my mind. Thinking now about utilizing Turnigy lipos. They weigh so much less, require no modification to the battery tray, and seem pretty powerful. I know they are high-maintenance, but I think it's worth it. So with the 36v controller and the 36v motor you recommended, what should I be looking for? And I'm aware they're more expensive.
By SpaceKaseJase
Yes, but I figured I could do it if I connect all 3 in series. Read a very detailed article explaining how charging them in parallel is dangerous and could destroy the batteries. So 5ah would't be able to run very long will it?
By SpaceKaseJase
so I decided to risk parallel charging for no other reason than to allow "rest charging" in hopes to extend battery life. I plan on using the stock motor. Here's what I would like to order: ... -pack.html ... xt-60.html ... pable.html

Since I would need a variable throttle with some sort of digital voltage display, I want to consider purchasing this: ... SwTM5YuHC2
By SpaceKaseJase
I'm glad you didn't respond to my latest lithium post. my final decision is to go SLA 36v overvolt using the parts listed below. Altogether, it only costs $130 which saves me money. It should also be better than stock. Do you know anything about the controllers from "fastscooters" on ebay?
By Laundrydude
The fastscooter items are the same as the ones that come from china. He prewires the controllers for your specific scooter and is in the USA for faster shipping. I buy all my item from china because it cheaper so I can buy twice as many parts or spares. Example: 1000w 36v controller $15, Voltage gauge throttle with key switch $12, now I can afford spares. The charger is good, I've bought 3 of those so far.
Like this: ... 2749.l2649
And this: ... 2749.l2649
For less than $60 I install a controller, throttle, headlight, brake light, horn, switches. We can help you with the wiring if you need it.
By SpaceKaseJase
Yes, thank you!!! This is what I need. Since I'm a noob with delusions of grandeur, I was going to be in over my head using lipo upgrade. Your suggestion will save me more money! I will definitely order the Chinese controller and throttle. The controller is rated 700w to 1000w. I'm just using the stock motor (for now. Can you link me to a controller that is compatible? Thanks again. You and Rob are very kind.

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